Touring The Country

Lonn arrived on Tuesday and we’ve been on the go every day–at least the Cowboy and Lonn have.  Wednesday they took a big circular tour on the motorcycles–the day was cloudy but warm.  I stayed home working outside on our tree cages and watering system.

Wednesday when the guys came home we went to Willcox for dinner to the Double S Steakhouse–a tiny little adobe brick building behind McDonald’s.  We never even knew it existed and have driven past many times!  We’ve always eaten Mexican in Willcox but we won’t any longer!  The Double S was so good–I had a small filet mignon and braised brussel sprouts–very, very good!  The Cowboy had a chicken fried steak and said it might have been the best he’s ever had.  Lonn had ribs and they also were good.  Thanks Yelp!

Thursday the guys took off on the motorcycles again and this time the Cowboy’s cousin Pete and his wife Kathy went with them.  I love this photo Kathy took of the guys–Pete on the left, the Cowboy in the middle and Lonn on the right. It was cooler that day and threatening rain making them head for home sooner.  Dan and Louanne came for happy hour then we went to our local bar for dinner–Taco Thursday and had–tacos.  It was raining when we reached the bar and continued to rain for several hours.

Friday started out cloudy but we did enjoy some sunshine and warmer temps as we did a truck tour over the Chiricahua mountains into the tiny towns of Portal and Rodeo.  We had a great day and stopped in Douglas for Dairy Queen ice cream.

The Chiricahua mountains are so beautiful–Lonn said, “you wouldn’t even think you were in Arizona.”

Lonn loves dogs but our dog does not love Lonn–she never has for some strange reason.  Today, she decided his lap was better than riding in the back seat with me.

8 thoughts on “Touring The Country

  1. How fun to get the bikes out on the road!! Can’t believe how cold its been this year. Still bummed we had to cut our time in Rodeo short as it is such a beautiful area. And now another yummy eatery in Willcox – the place just keeps getting more impressive :-)))


  2. I love it when we discover a new restaurant, and its a good one!
    Your pictures of the hills were great….. like a post card.


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