Progress And Amazing Customer Service

Snow on the mountains–we only had spitting rain–no accumulation.  It’s been a touch nippy but the future forecast shows us heading into warmer weather–let’s hope so!

I have a story about the most amazing customer service offered by a company.  I have long, narrow feet and wear a narrow or “AA” shoe.  Sticks and brick stores no longer carry narrow shoes, not even Nordstroms.  So, I resort to Zappos–partly because the shipping is free and the returns are so simple and also free.  When I developed this plantar fasciitis, I searched for shoes with excellent arch support.  My sister also has plantar fasciitis and had purchased a pair of Vionic sneakers which helped.  I found the exact shoes on Zappos and ordered them in mid November.  They were expensive for sneakers–$100 plus.  Less than three months later, with not every day wear, they look like this–

Sometimes I write reviews for products, sometimes not–if a product really pleases me, I write a review but I’m not writing reviews for bolts or parts.  If it really doesn’t please me I write a review.  I wrote a review of these shoes stating I loved how they fit and how the arch support really helped my plantar fasciitis.  BUT–I also stated how I thought shoes costing $100+ should last longer than three months without breaking down and I included a photo.  Less than 24 hours later I received this from a Zappos customer service rep–

I am sorry to hear that the VIONIC Satima you purchased from us is not holding up. That’s definitely not something that we like to hear about our merchandise, Janna, and is not indicative of the high quality of service and products we strive to provide our customers. I am glad that you wrote in right away so we can immediately address this situation.

Since this is not what you were expecting and I would hate for you to wait for your refund, as this was unacceptable, I went ahead and refunded you in full today for this item in the amount of $148.49. Please allow 2-10 business days for your card provider to post the credit to your account, or up to 30 business days for international credit card transactions. Additionally, I certainly do not want to further inconvenience you with returning this item. You are welcome to donate it, trash it, and turn it into an art project. It’s totally up to you, really! I have notated your order to indicate that you were advised there was no need to return this item.


Thursday we hung more insulation and Friday we made another trip to Willcox.  Before this blog when I still wrote the TinTeePeeLogCabin blog, we owned a motorcycle–a Honda Shadow.  We enjoyed riding around Montana back roads and even took the motorcycle to Texas when we would travel there in winter.  There was a large group of motorcycle riding guys at Lake Medina RV Resort and the Cowboy enjoyed riding with them.  We sold the bike and purchased a convertible but no longer have that car.  The Cowboy’s son Lonn is coming to visit, we think  😉 and bringing his Harley. The Cowboy had mentioned a time or two that he wouldn’t mind having another bike and Lonn’s visit provided him the perfect excuse.  It’s a 1998 Honda Shadow Classic with 29,000 miles.  It’s in really good shape and the Cowboy rode it home Friday afternoon.

The bike came with a helmet (the Cowboy doesn’t like this particular helmet, Lonn may have to bring his other one from Montana) and the Cowboy had his leather clothing in the CanAm–so he was all set.  He’s ordered a new battery and is looking for a new windshield.

We spent some time Friday afternoon getting the licensing paperwork in order and getting it insured.  Dan came for happy hour and he also really likes our new porch with a view.

Saturday the Cowboy continued to work on the ceiling in the kitchen–hanging the ceiling joists.  I heard him say, “great” in a happy tone of voice–seems everything was coming out level as it should be!  He’s also been working on the wall between the bathroom and kitchen–progress every day!

Tonight we joined Dan at the VFW for steak dinner–it was good!  We sat with another couple from Casper, WY and had a very enjoyable evening.  When we left to go to dinner and came out of our street onto the main road, it looked as if a herd of sheep was heading up the road–nope, just tumbleweeds–tumbling tumbleweeds.  It was a touch windy!



12 thoughts on “Progress And Amazing Customer Service

  1. Wow, the Cowboy has a horse, or a few at least. Looks like fun, but not for me! My balance is shot, I would be on the ground in nothing flat. We sure liked meeting Don as well, he was a fun guy. Steak dinner sounds good too. And yes, we WILL buy that new tire before very many more miles.


  2. Zappos has a great reputation as both an employer and providing good service – your experience is amazing indeed! Glad Michael was able to find a new steed to enjoy – he deserves some fun in between all his hard work 🙂


    1. I never expected them to return my money–as I said, my sister had purchased the same pair of shoes but from a department store in Little Rock. When I told her Zappos had refunded my money she said, “bet Dillards wouldn’t do that!”


  3. What wonderful customer service from Zappo. I bought all of my Keen’s from them but never needed to return anything. Glad you got a refund. Your shoes looked years old.

    Congrats on the motorcycle! Michael looks perfect on it!


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