Change Of Stucco Plans

Sergio came Monday afternoon to measure and said, “wow, you guys have been busy!”  That’s an understatement.  Sergio wanted to start our job in two weeks after he finishes the one where he is currently working.  He didn’t want to run back and forth between two jobs and it’s perfectly OK with us.  Those two weeks will give us time to tie up loose ends and be absolutely ready for Sergio in two weeks.

The Cowboy started tying those loose ends on Monday–drip edges for porch roofs.  He’s very trusting of me running the backhoe.  I haven’t operated the backhoe in years–I used to help with our excavation business and ran the backhoe enough to be competent with all the levers.  I was amazed at how easily all the lever operation came back to me when we brought the backhoe down here–haven’t dumped the Cowboy on his head–yet. 🙂

Monday was phone call day for me–insurance companies and banks–gave me a headache!  We forgot to cancel the Cowboy’s BCBS as he switched to another, less expensive company this last enrollment period.  Of course BCBS kept removing the money from our bank account for the premiums.  They will refund the January amount but in the form of a paper check which we will receive in six to eight weeks–obviously BCBS has not discovered internet banking!  And, Monday was the day the February payment would be withdrawn from our account.  When I asked BCBS to stop that withdrawal they told me, “can’t do it, takes four days.”  I think BCBS needs to get a better accounting system!!!  So, I had to pay our bank to stop payment on the withdrawal–good grief–see why I had a headache!

Tuesday was yoga day and it was so good to attend once again–I didn’t go at all last week as we were so busy.  On Tuesday afternoon I spent the day in the kitchen–making dog food and creamy chicken tortilla soup.  I also vacuumed sealed produce and meat we had purchased at Costco.  And I put a pork tenderloin in a marinade–an elderly couple at our church is in need of someone to supply suppers for a while–my day is Wednesday and I’m taking them pork tenderloin.

The dog food which Emmi loves!

The Cowboy ran more electrical wires Tuesday and wired a bunch of outlets–can’t have too many outlets.  He also installed more insulation in the ceilings.  We sure are enjoying our new patio–every evening we go over there to watch the sunset–it’s nice to finally have a place to sit with a view.

Wednesday it was a very cold, blustery day for Arizona.  I’m not complaining, just stating fact as the high at our home in Montana today was minus one!  Dark storm clouds and rain moved in and out all day.  Early this morning we were treated to this rainbow–it was so incredibly vivid.  The spots showing in the photo are rain drops on the lens.  We could see both ends of the rainbow and it looked close enough to touch!

Wednesday was haircut day for me in Willcox, we enjoyed lunch out and bought a few groceries before returning home.  The Cowboy has been puttering–hanging more insulation in the ceilings.  It’s good life has slowed down–I’m not sure either of us could have kept up that pace!


6 thoughts on “Change Of Stucco Plans

  1. Impressed that you run that backhoe! I used to run one for soil survey, but am not sure the lever thing would return that quickly again. What a gorgeous rainbow! and a two week reprieve is a great thing.


  2. How fun to play with the big Tonka toy!! Glad you’ve got some wiggle room to get a few more things done and hope that he’s then able to get the stucco all done on time. That corner looks so different already!! You have one of the best views ever – and a perfect rainbow is such a treat :-)))


    1. That corner is where I’ve dug all the tumbleweeds Jodee–it looks better than any other area of the yard. Sergio was right on time last year when he stuccoed the guest house so we are betting he will be this time.


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