We Did It

As of 6pm tonight we had finished almost all the stuff we needed to finish before the stucco crew arrives.  There are some odds and ends left to complete–the Cowboy needs to install one more door and we have a few more small sheets of OSB to install.  I think we need to celebrate!

Tuesday was a busy day of a different sort.  We went to Tucson and were gone all day long and into the evening. Our first stop was Home Depot for more 2×4’s, a security door and electrical components.  We enjoyed our lunch sitting outside at Five Guys where we were joined by a very interesting gentleman from Green Valley–served in Vietnam and was thinking of getting a dog.  He was impressed with how well our Emmi behaved.

Next stop was a Wells Fargo branch bank.  We needed to have paperwork related to the sale of Nat’s house notarized.

Onward to a new to us veterinarian recommended by bloggers Gay and Joe who spend time in Tucson with their three pooches.  The clinic is located in a shall we say interesting neighborhood.  The emergency clinic had recommended we have Emmi’s liver enzymes rechecked.  We were to have seen Gay and Joe’s vet, Dr. Clark but she was on vacation so we saw Dr. Jezyk.  A very intelligent man who gave us good advice and recommendations.  His advice was to wait on checking the enzymes and instead judge how Emmi is doing by how she is acting–eating well, playing, drinking.  Dr. Jezyk first words to us were a little disconcerting to say the least–“do you realize most dogs with an elevated lipase level as high as Emmi’s was don’t survive.”  Dr. Jezyk thinks Emmi had a very serious, acute bout of pancreatitis and that she needs to be on a low fat diet for the rest of her hopefully long life! We are so grateful Emmi is doing well–we love that little pooch!

We needed a sliding glass patio door and our next stop was Window Depot.  Emmi was significantly nervous at the veterinarian–I’m sure she thought we were leaving her again–so I stayed in the truck with her while the Cowboy purchased a door.  Our credit card is set to send a text message to our cell phone any time the card is used for any amount.  The phone dinged and said $31.85 was charged at Window Depot.  Now I know a sliding patio door costs more than $31.85!!  The Cowboy motioned me to pull the truck up to the loading area and they loaded the door.  I asked him how much the door cost–$531.85.  When I told him the charge to our credit card was only $31.85 he didn’t believe the text message and said, “I have the charge slip right here, they charged us……..”  Yep, they charged us $500 less than they should have.  He went back inside the store, found the young lady who took his order and she was so grateful that we noticed the discrepancy.

Our next to the last stop was Costco then we were on our way to the airport to retrieve Dan, our friend who lives near us and who had been back in Oregon since before Christmas.  His wife Louanne is staying in Oregon for a couple more weeks to help with grandchildren child care.  It was a long, productive day!

We’ve installed that patio door, framed the outside wall of the covered patio, installed OSB panels on the walls and ceiling of the covered patio and multiple other things we can’t remember because we’ve been working so hard!


Wednesday evening we enjoyed having dinner at Janice’s house with Linda and Dan–great food and a pleasant evening spent with friends.

We have such a gorgeous view!

My brother Ross is a good cook and recently made a batch of summer sausage.  He sent us a sample, it arrived today and it’s good, really good!  Stay tuned for the next blog–we are having visitors!


6 thoughts on “We Did It

  1. Sounds like you found a good vet – so important for our little ones! You collected some good Karma with that corrected credit card charge. Congrats on getting all that work done in time for the stucco. Can’t wait to see how it looks when completed. I’m guessing the ceiling you finished is being stuccoed as well – maybe the porch? I agree your view is amazing.


    1. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with the vet at first but the more he talked (which he did a lot!) :), the more I liked him. We do have some great views around here as you well know!


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