Another Wall Comes Down

February 1 can’t get here soon enough!  We start working before 8am and don’t finish until after 5pm–Sunday we didn’t even take a siesta after lunch!  We are both in bed by 8:30p and sound asleep shortly thereafter!  These deadline things are awful!  Saturday the Cowboy finished framing the kitchen wall and we hung OSB board on some of the ceiling in the to be sun room.  He also finished wiring the kitchen and sun room outlets.  I hung insulation–NOT my favorite thing to do–while he was wiring.

Sunday we were on the go all day long!  We installed the kitchen windows and created another false wall to hold up the roof so we can remove the west wall of the sun room.  And, we installed a new front door–it looks fabulous!

Emmi spends the day sitting in the sun, then sitting in the shade.  I occasionally go out and throw a stick or ball for her.  She is back to her usual, playful, puppy self.

Recognize that toy in her mouth Jim and Ellie???  Jim and Ellie gave Emmi her first “duck” toy when she was only about 16 weeks old.  Ducks have always been her go to toy and if you tell her, “get the duck” Emmi will go to the toy box and get the duck, every time.

Monday we were once again on the go all day long, the sun was setting when we finished.  Hopefully the final wall came out today and I convinced the Cowboy to use the backhoe for muscle–worked like a charm!   Daylight was ending when we finished framing the outside of this room–it’s going to be an outdoor covered patio and probably screened.  And something has to hold up the roof after we tore out the existing wall–so we built a new header with the appropriate supports.  At the end of the day we screwed OSB board to the supports in order to close up the house and keep out the critters.  Whew–what a day!

The Cowboy’s daughter Shannen created this beautiful cross stitch piece–70,000 stitches!  Amazing work!

17 thoughts on “Another Wall Comes Down

  1. I want to know what vitamins you take so I can have that much energy and spit to work as hard as you do. Wait. Never mind. I don’t want to work that hard (or under a deadline)! You two are amazing.


    1. Thanks Emjay–no vitamins just too much work ethic I guess. The Cowboy likes to stay busy with some sort of project. The project just has gotten out of hand with this deadline but the end is in sight!


    1. We didn’t expect the stucco guy to come as quickly as February 1–he’s a very busy man but he told us he would be here on February 1–so we had a deadline and a bunch of stuff has to be finished before the stuccoing can begin.


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