Walls Coming Down

More than a year ago my sister asked me if I would create a wool nativity scene for her.  I love my sister dearly and agreed–I just wasn’t prompt about it! 🙂 A few weeks ago I finished the project and mailed it to Ann–she loved it as did I.  If there hadn’t been so many little pieces I wouldn’t mind doing another one for myself.


Wednesday the Cowboy finished building the west wall of the dining/living room.  I was the gopher, chief cook, dog sitter and clean up crew.

We were all set Wednesday evening to start removing the wall on Thursday morning.  As you can tell from the Cowboy’s attire, it was a chilly morning on the shady side of the house as he started demolition. In this video he is cutting the chunks of stucco/concrete into smaller, more manageable pieces.

See the jog in this wall–not only was the wall water damaged and rotted but we wanted to get rid of that jog.  These walls are stucco–concrete–and way heavy.  Our goal was to get the wall knocked out and into the backhoe bucket all at the same time so we didn’t have to physically lift those heavy stucco walls.  By 1pm, the outer wall was gone and we were having lunch.

After lunch and a short nap we started re-constructing the wall.  By 5:30pm, the house was all closed in once again, wall up and windows installed.  We are both thrilled with the view from those windows! No more jog and the roof line matches now.

It was a long, long day and we were both exhausted so it was to the local bar for dinner.

Friday was a beautiful day and the Cowboy went to work framing the remainder of the west kitchen wall while I went to yoga.  When I returned he invited me to lunch–really he wanted to go to the lumber store in Willcox :)–but I talked him into lunch too.  Two meals out–amazing.  At home once again the Cowboy went to work on that kitchen wall–I don’t know about you but when I see plumbing and electrical start to appear I think progress is being made! I spent the afternoon catching up–laundry, ironing, some cooking.  I also gave our leather furniture a good conditioning with Lexol.  So, that’s what we’ve been doing–I will leave you with a comical photo of Lora–our great granddaughter in Germany.  When I asked her mother who Lora was supposed to be in this costume Laci said, “I have no idea!”Lora is the one with the pink and purple thing on her head.  Notice poor Gemma hiding behind Laci–I think she is scared!

14 thoughts on “Walls Coming Down

  1. Oh, Janna, the Nativity Scene is beautiful! Lots of special details on each figure. Awesome work:) Wow! The house is really taking shape. Looks great with the new wall and windows. Lora is quite the character:)


  2. I love your home. I have been lurking and reading for awhile and enjoy your blog very much. The picture of your great granddaughter is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great writing and pictures of your home. It will be gorgeous.


  3. What progress, wow!
    You and the cowboy make it look easy but we know this
    was a big job and the area is neat too! . Really enjoy the pictures.
    The vision is really taking shape. You both should be so proud.
    Thank you for sharing this adventure.


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