Moon Eclipse and Emmi Is Better

Sunday was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  Our little Emmi is feeling better–she is eating and drinking.  We’ve taken a couple short walks.  She lost over one pound during this ordeal so our tiny dog became even more tiny!  Sunday morning we drove the ten miles to Sandy’s to have breakfast with friends Ralph and Angie.  They have their RV parked at the shooting range just outside Tombstone but are currently “ranch” sitting for a friend near the restaurant.  It was great to see them again!

I decreed today a “do nothing day.”  Which is exactly what I’ve done–I finished a couple books I had started, played on social media and prepped for a wool project I am starting.  The Cowboy just couldn’t do it–so he wired the RV hookups back into the main electrical box on the power pole.  It was a stressful week and we are both exhausted–I feel better today but we both need to just chill and see how Emmi does.

Here are my moon eclipse photos–our skies at times had a hazy cloud cover and I am using a camera with some adjustable settings but not quite enough adjust to take absolutely focused photos in the dark.

Monday is was readily apparent that our little Emmi was much better–for one thing, she was hungry, really hungry! She even ate some of the dry Royal Canin low fat dog food which she wouldn’t even sniff while ill.  We are gobbling through the homemade dog food.  Sandy of  Where Are The Dixons Today was kind enough to email me photos of the canned dog food–Natural Balance–she uses for her two elderly dachshunds.  While the fat content is not quite as low as in the Royal Canin wet food I think it’s probably low enough and the ingredient list doesn’t include pork by-products!!!  Emmi played with her toys, chased balls and sticks plus we went for a walk–she’s so much better and her people are so incredibly relieved!

Soaking up the sun.

We’ve worked so very hard on this place and at times have rushed around trying to complete projects in deadline fashion.  This year we promised ourselves–we have a nice place to live and the main house would get finished when it got finished.  We were doing well with that promise until–Sergio showed up yesterday.  He’s the guy who with his crew will stucco the outside of the main house.  The Cowboy wanted him to come look at the job, give us an estimate and expected Sergio to say, “I’ll be there in a month or so.”  Nope, Sergio and crew will be here on February 1!!!!–we have a LOT to do before February 1!!!  Walls have to be built, windows inserted, walls have to come down–we are going to be busy! We don’t want to tell Sergio to come later as he is starting to build another house–better get him while we can!

Sunrise Monday morning after the lunar eclipse.  It was so incredibly windy Monday–all those tumbleweeds were doing their thing–blowing in the wind!

I made this beef stew  yesterday and I sincerely think it’s the best beef stew we’ve ever eaten.  It’s made in an Instant Pot but would be easy to make on the stove top.  It made a huge pot which will be good as we may need lots of leftovers to get us through these days of working before February 1!!

The kitchen wall is up and is supporting the roof–the Cowboy is glad! 🙂 Tuesday while I am at yoga he will start building the living room wall.

A tree full of birds.

I donned my demolition hat Tuesday afternoon and got to work.  My goal was to remove the last bit of drywall from the main house–the very last bit!See the light blue walls in the room labeled “outdoor covered patio?”  That’s the drywall which needed removal plus that nasty hanging insulation needed to be put back in place.  By late afternoon all that drywall was gone, out of there!

All gone, this is the covered patio and the wall which appears black will be leaving.
How come I can’t be on TV and get paid to do this??? 🙂

The Cowboy is very happy with his day’s work–the heavy replacement beam he built is in place–

Progress is being made so we are ready for Sergio on February 1!!

22 thoughts on “Moon Eclipse and Emmi Is Better

  1. So happy to hear the Emmi is doing so much better. I think that her “folks” weren’t the only ones worried about her… anyone/everyone who reads your posts has been holding their breath and saying a prayer. Emmi, you’ve given us all a scare… gain back that pound and play like a puppy!


  2. That’s such good news. Just get better and better Miss Emmi. I don’t know where you guys get the energy to accomplish all the work you do. But the results are going to be amazing.


  3. Very relieved to hear Emmi is feeling much better. Always a very emotional time when our best Pals are in distress of any kind. You guys are coming right along there and it’s all that hard work that gives you both that sense of healthy accomplishment most every day. Keep your stick on the ice, stay focused, and one day soon a glimmer of light will finally be seen at the end of the long restoration tunnel.


  4. Thank you so much for posting your photos of the super wolf blood moon lunar eclipse!! I was hoping I could see it from someone else’s point of view. Great work on the demolition.


  5. So glad to hear Emmi is doing much better and back to her happy playful self. I can only imagine how relieved you and Michael are. Hope all continues this way. Love, love the photo of you taking out the wall. You are ready for HGTV!! Good luck getting all ready for the stucco by Feb 1. Beautiful sunrise and sunset:)


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