Sunshine and Sunsets

Friday dawned super foggy, pea soup foggy.  It was yoga day and I wasn’t going to let the fog keep me from going. By lunch time the fog was all gone and we were enjoying warmer temps and bright sunshine–perfect tumbleweed digging weather!

The Cowboy hung some insulation and removed that electrical panel from the hallway on Friday.  In the evening we were invited to a dinner party at Linda’s.  Janice joined us as well as Deb and Mark–we had met Deb when we first purchased this property but Mark is newly retired and can now spend winters in Arizona.  Linda can cook–the Mexican food was delicious as was Deb’s salad.  It was just a delightful evening to say the least!

Sunshine again on Saturday.  Deb, Mark and Linda play pickle ball and invited us to come watch on Saturday which we did–the Cowboy is thinking he might like to try playing.  Sunsites has a great library and used book store.  We visited both picking up a stack of used books and having the librarian order a couple other books from area libraries.

Saturday was Home Depot delivery day.  After the guy unloaded the pallets with his forklift the Cowboy and I had to move all those supplies inside.  Uh-duh!  Drywall is heavy stuff!  We had enjoyed a late breakfast and didn’t eat lunch until 3pm after all that hard work.  Pizza was on the meun.  I had some Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day dough in the refrigerator and had chunks of it rising for the crust.  I am always searching for a better pizza sauce recipe and thanks to Judy over at Patchwork Times  I have found a new favorite.  The pizza was delicious in spite of my almost dumping the entire works into the bottom of my oven.

Saturday evening right at sunset Emmi and I took a walk–we were rewarded with some beautiful skies.

The Cowboy managed to find more demolition work on Sunday while I went to church.  It’s a mostly cloudy, cool day. Steaks on the grill for lunch–finally we eat beef!

Setting sun touches the mountain tops over our odd looking house.  Once we have the whole thing stuccoed it will look more like a southwest house instead of something with the top painted white! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Sunsets

  1. Really enjoyed seeing your house in it’s setting.
    Great views!
    Your pizza sounds yummy. Take a picture next time if it’s convenient.
    I’m always intimidated when it comes to making pizza.
    Also, was wondering which cookbook of Pioneer Lady’s ,
    did you find her chocolate pie recipe you have mentioned?


    1. We do have some great views and the main house will have plenty of windows to show that view. Pizza intimidates me–but I think I’ve cured my issues! Just go to and search her website for “chocolate pie.”


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