Weather, Emmi,

It was snowing hard when we woke on Wednesday morning and before the snow stopped we had about 2 inches.  And it was dang cold at 24 degrees!  Emmi and I didn’t take a morning walk–highly unusual for us–we waited until late afternoon when it had finally stopped snowing.

The Cowboy re-routed a bedroom door yesterday and I sanded the other side of that beam–almost finished.  I made chicken marsala for lunch and it was delicious.  I’m trying new “disguise chicken” recipes–in the New Year we are trying to eat a little more healthy and that means less beef.  The Cowboy liked the chicken marsala.

Thursday dawned cold and extremely foggy.  So cold my hairdresser texted me to say their water into the salon was frozen–could we reschedule.  We waited a couple hours and it must have warmed enough as they had water flowing when we made it to Willcox.  Houses in most of Arizona are not built for extreme cold–and continued extreme cold as we are having now.  In the restaurant where we had lunch we overheard two couples discussing one couple’s frozen water pipes–they are hauling water into the house to flush toilets, etc.  Luckily my handy husband covered our pressure tank and placed a light bulb under the tarp covering the tank.  Most people living in Arizona and using wells have their pressure tanks sitting out in the open–it’s just not supposed to be this cold in sunny Arizona!

It was so foggy we could not see our neighbors who live one quarter mile away.  And it was an icy fog making for gorgeous foliage and trees.

By the time we finished having lunch in Willcox the fog had burned away and it was a balmy 34 degrees!  On the way home we spotted this amazing bunch of sandhill cranes–

  Emmi was patiently (yea, right) waiting for us when we came home.  She is much better and I did add pumpkin to her rice and chicken–it helped!  We were able to see the traveling veterinarian in Willcox Friday morning–he has a practice in Glendale but travels to Safford, AZ on Thursday then to Willcox on Friday.  Emmi does have another bacterial intestinal infection which the vet thought might be caused by (and this is icky) impacted anal glands.  Those icky things were addressed and we went home with antibiotics and expensive dog food.

The Cowboy has finished wiring the living/dining room of the main house–that’s a big step and we now have lights that work–not pretty lights but we have light! We are having guests over for happy hour tonight–we were experiencing cabin fever!

We had a very enjoyable evening with Linda and Janice–it’s fun to hear about other’s adventures.  Linda has hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice, the last time when she was 71 years old.  Janice and Linda have been so many places–a very interesting evening!

14 thoughts on “Weather, Emmi,

  1. Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon would be easy, I could do that! It is the return trip that would have me looking for a permanent position at Phantom Ranch. LOL


  2. It’s hard to believe you are in the southern half of Arizona and not northern. You have had it really rough this winter. Enough of the cold for you. Hope the sun and heat return soon! Sure hop little Ms Emmi is feeling better with her meds.


  3. It’s cold up here but we sure didn’t get the snow like you guys. That makes me happy. We have to have Rocky’s anal glands cleaned out every couple of months. Skittlez was so bad we had them removed when she was only like a year or two old. Hope Emmi feels better quickly.


  4. Happy New Year!
    Beautiful pics as always. Surprised it is snowing and so cold in AZ. Hope Emmi is well soon. I have been through intestinal parasites with Minko and had to cook chicken and rice. The Indian family I work for makes homemade yogurt and I would give him a little yogurt mixed in.
    Never had to deal with the anal glands but have learned quite a bit about them throughout the years. Never have them removed.
    I hope it warms up soon. It’s going to be almost 70° here in TX tomorrow after the 30’s this last week. A beautiful day with sunshine today.
    I would like to be able to say I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon but I’m afraid no one would ever know because I sure as heck couldn’t hike back up…lol


  5. I love the frosty grasses, they’re magical! I like them better when not having to drive alongside 🙂 Glad Emmi’s feeling better and her issue was identified. Love the cranes, but your bird bud tree is adorable!!!


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