Back At Work

Our early morning Wednesday caused an early to bed evening and we slept very well Wednesday night.  Thursday dawned clear and blustery.  It was back to the tumbleweed patch for me and the Cowboy started plumbing.  We are building a half bath in the corner of the hallway connecting the two houses–just a toilet and pedestal sink.  

Emmi and I took a couple walks, I ironed some shirts for the Cowboy and managed several loads of laundry–just routine stuff but it still needs to be done.  Late this afternoon the Cowboy’s cousin Pete stopped by–he owns a place not far from us.  He too is dealing with tumbleweeds on a larger scale!

Friday morning had us thinking we had been transported in our sleep back to Montana!!  Twenty nine degrees and SNOW!! The rest of the day was very chilly and blustery but the snow made for gorgeous photos!

 Looking east toward the Chiricahua Mountains.  That’s our little Home Depot Christmas tree from last year, my rosemary plant which really grew this year and the ornamental grasses I planted which didn’t do so well but are still alive.Looking west toward the Dragoon Mountains.  A couple of our little eldarica pine trees which also grew over the summer.

Friday was a busy day–I cooked and cooked some more–we have to stop eating soon!!  Our summer caretaker Milton and his wife Lucy came for dinner.  Jennifer, their daughter who is in town having some dental work also came.  It was a very enjoyable evening. We had roast beef cooked in the pressure cooker, garlic mashed potatoes and brown sugar pecan carrots.  I also made a Pioneer Woman chocolate pie.  I’ve never been a pie crust maker. Over the last few years I’ve been thinking it was time I learned to make a crust and have tried on occasion.  Our friend Louanne puts me to shame in the pie crust baking category and I’m determined to learn! My first attempt was last Saturday for the pumpkin pie–it was OK.  The crust yesterday wasn’t exactly pretty but it was very flaky and tasted great!! But there is a problem with the practice of baking pie crusts–you end up eating them!!

It’s almost time to take down the decorations–I hate to see them go–makes our little house very festive!

I’ve been a bum today–the weather has been frightful–a good day for staying inside!

The Cowboy is in demolition mode again–it’s cold over in the main house, really cold, making work not so pleasant.  He decided to start running electrical wires so he can install some heat–wise move I would say! 🙂 So, the walls and ceiling of a closet had to go.

My sweet great nieces–Elizabeth and Leah–and Charlotte (the dog, aka the horse!)


8 thoughts on “Back At Work

  1. Well, you certainly aren’t sweating any. The snow is pretty but you can keep it. We feel like it is winter, also. While it is sunny, 44 degrees with 25 mph winds makes it feel frigid! It will be nice to move to Borrego Springs on Wed where we will be back in the high 60’s and then the 70’s. Luckily, we had great weather for our many, many visitors. Poor Michael must be bundled to work without heat. Hope he gets some heat soon. Love Charlotte! What a neat dog!


  2. Really enjoyed the outdoor pictures.
    Gives me an idea of what your terrain is like.
    Wonderful views and mountain ranges. Also
    I spy big tumbleweeds in the distance? You have your work cut out!
    I’m going to try the Pioneer Women’s chocolate pie. Think
    you mentioned it before. Crusts are a issue for me. Ha


    1. Those big tumbleweeds will just have to tumble away–they aren’t on our side of the fence! Thanks Linda–crusts have always been an issue for me but this last one made me think I can do this!


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