It’s The Season

Friends Phyllis and John both sent me this “snowman” photo via Facebook today–I could do this for sure–no actual snow needed!

The Cowboy has been plugging away–he has one of the decorative/support posts installed in the living/dining room. He’s destroyed a couple more walls–maybe this week we can finish the demolition???  I’ve been digging tumbleweeds.  Every morning after walking Emmi I get the rake and shovel and get started.  I throw sticks (AKA plastic pipe) for Emmi while I dig tumbleweeds–she is getting exercise and so am I.  I dig for about an hour, rake the weeds into piles and go get the Cowboy and his backhoe to carry away the weeds.  We are both amazed at how nice the place is looking and about how much we both can finish in a day just puttering away.

Thursday evening we were invited to a Christmas gathering at Linda’s home.  Linda has lived here in this area for a long, long time as had many of the other guests.  We met lots of new people and can remember some names, but not all–it will come.

We even had music and caroling.

From the left, Linda, Janice and Liz.  Linda and Janice we had met last season. We met a couple who have been married almost 50 years and they met each other in Africa!  It was a wonderful Christmas party and we were so glad to be included!

Thursday was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside around the two “campfires” until the sun went down–then it was time to be inside.

Friday I went to yoga and when I came home we went out to lunch at Sandy’s.  So many times when we go out to eat I am reminded of why we don’t go out to eat more often!  Let’s just say the apple pie and ice cream was the best part of the meal!  Friday evening we watched an Amazon Prime Christmas movie and ate popcorn–much better than our lunch.

Saturday evening we enjoyed another Christmas activity–a fundraiser soup dinner with homemade pie sponsored by the Mennonite community here in our area.  The young people of the Mennonite organization headed the activity and they were a joy to watch–polite, eager to please and competent.  After the meal was served and we all had enjoyed homemade pies (to die for homemade pie!) the young people sang Christmas carols for us a cappella.  Those young men and ladies were so incredibly talented it brought tears to your eyes!

And a coincidence–the Cowboy’s cousin owns a place near us (a fact we didn’t know until last season)–Pete and his wife Kathy appeared at this fundraiser and sat with us.  The couple across from us were both pilots–he is 81 years old and flies both his planes often.  She also flies often.  One of his planes is a 1947 Champion and is very recognizable–red and yellow.  He flew over this afternoon while we were outside and when I waved, he waved his wings at us.  They have flown to Mexico and Panama with groups–very interesting people.

Today I went to church and enjoyed more wonderful Christmas music–the woman who plays the piano at our church is very talented both as a pianist and vocalist.  Her daughter has a voice which will knock off your socks.  They were accompanied by the Desert Strings–a group of three violinist.  Amazing music which was repeated at the local community center this afternoon as a fundraiser for the local food bank.

 Noticing Emmi so prettily posed I grabbed a camera–she’s such a sweet little dog.  It’s hard to photograph a black dog!




16 thoughts on “It’s The Season

  1. Chandler, AZ makes a giant Christmas tree using tumbleweeds and paints it white. It’s interesting to see. I don’t remember you saying, do you burn the tumbleweed weeds? Becki


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