New Concrete And New Plumbing

When we purchased this project there was that ugly green cast iron bathtub, a toilet and a sink in the main house bathroom–a very small bathroom.  The Cowboy said, “I would really like for this bathroom foot print to stay the same.”  I gave him “the look” and said, “not happening, get out your jackhammer.”  The blame shifted off my shoulders when we discovered the sewer pipes were all cast iron, had holes and had collapsed in placed–whew! We now have a start on the plumbing for the main house and the Cowboy cemented in those new pipes on Tuesday.

And Emmi only put one paw print autograph in the cement before it dried–we aren’t sure how she managed just one paw but there it was.

I am absolutely loving my new yoga class–the instructor is fabulous and all the ladies I’ve met so far are so nice.  It’s well worth that 25 mile one way drive.

Chilly and cool weather makes it easier to dig tumbleweeds and I’m making great progress.  In just 2-3 more days I will hopefully have all the tumbleweeds dug on the west side of the house.  It’s been so damp in our desert–really unusual we are thinking.  There is snow on the Chiricahua Mountains.

While the Cowboy was mixing cement on Tuesday, he came inside to get me–he had a visitor–probably a tarantula??  We scooped him/her up in a shovel and moved him/her to safer pastures.  That was our first tarantula to see here but while I was digging tumbleweeds today another one startled me–ugh–I’m not a fan of any spider but ones this big with hairy butts and legs freak me out!!! 🙂

Today the Cowboy decided to re-level our RV parking spot.  He moved dirt here and there and now thinks it is “Larry level.” 😉 😉

I took this photo before he was completely finished.

We sure have good luck selling stuff on our local Facebook group pages–we had an extra dishwasher and an extra security door.  Sold the dishwasher last night right after I placed the ad.  Still have the door as it’s an odd size but I bet it sells.

Merry Christmas!

16 thoughts on “New Concrete And New Plumbing

  1. Hope there isn’t more jackhammering in the plan! I think playing with the backhoe sounds like much more fun 🙂 Tarantulas are seldom aggressive, but they sure get your attention when you don’t see them from a distance first. Wonderful that you’ve found great community in your southern home.


  2. Michael does such nice work. Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom. Glad Emmi marked the spot:) Finding a tarantula Is a fun discover when it is on a hiking trail far your house! Good the yoga class is working out.


    1. I feel very fortunate to have such a handy husband! And that one tarantula was too close to the house! I had a tarantula in my house in Austin, TX in another life. My Airedales discovered it. I pulled up a chair and sat there watching that area very closely until my husband came home and rid the house of that huge spider–UGH!!


  3. We were living in Ft. Worth and one summer Sunday we saw an ENORMOUS Tarantula as large as a dinner plate – 12″ across – crawling under the eaves of the neighbor’s garage. They can get HUGE.


  4. Hey wait a minute, black vest, black hat, blue shirt…..that guy looks like an Amish fella. Say, you wouldn’t have an Amishman tucked away in there would ya. Where’s Mike!!


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