Hard At Work

One of these days is it possible we might not haul as much stuff between Montana and Arizona?? Clothes and some food are necessary but the rest of it–I’m not sure!  I bring quilting projects, the Cowboy brings tools which aren’t duplicated, we brought furniture from Nat’s house, and the list goes on! Tuesday we both spent the day unpacking.  I did make a run to the Dollar Store and the Produce Wagon for routine supplies–it’s amazing how much can be purchased in this community.

Emmi and I have been taking our daily hikes

Wednesday the Cowboy tied into a project–the floor joists in the hall between the two houses.  These two dwellings were not connected when we purchased them even though the structures were only four feet apart.  When we installed the new roofs, we connected the two buildings.  This left a hallway from the backdoor of the guest house portion to the back door of the main house but no flooring–there was a large step at each end and we walked on gravel.  The new floor will make things much nicer and safer.

I spent Wednesday cleaning–lots of spider webs form when you are gone over the summer.  I also worked in the yard–the tumbleweeds are taking over after all the good rain we had during the summer monsoon season.  Tumbleweeds have millions of seeds on each plant so it’s no wonder the plants are flourishing!  This time of year a shovel is the method of choice unfortunately!

Today the Cowboy worked on the flooring once again and I waged war on more tumbleweeds.  I’m not sure I’m up to shoveling three acres of weeds!

Wednesday night’s sunset was gorgeous–the first photo is before the color really started showing.

This afternoon I hung some photos and my “Gobble, Gobble” quilt.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a week away!

Many people I know have plantar fasciitis–my sister, my friends Jane and Bonnie.  Now I’m thinking I have it in my left heel–it hurts!  I’ve ordered some gel inserts which come with a money back guarantee and I’m looking for a therapeutic massage therapist.  A Montana friend told me our massage therapist had healed her plantar fasciitis–well, I’m a long way from Gayle but hopefully I can find someone in Arizona.  Several years ago I was having a terrible time with my right shoulder and was at the point where I was sure surgery was in my future.  Gayle, a fantastic massage therapist cured my shoulder pain and I have all my range of motion.

We had the most beautiful day today–sunny, low 60’s and no wind–perfect!

12 thoughts on “Hard At Work

  1. Unloading and reloading is the down side to having two homes. I’ve tried to duplicate the kitchen items but still have to deal with all the food and clothing each time. Sounds like you and Michael didn’t waste any time at all before getting back to the big projects. I sure hope you don’t have plantar fasciitis. Our son had it and it wasn’t fun. He found that rolling his foot on a tennis ball before he got out of bed and took a step really helped a lot. He also never goes barefoot since he has all hard wood floors which they believed caused the problem. Love your turkey quilt:)


    1. Emmi wasn’t at all thrilled with sharing her ball but I’m thinking it did help Pam! I used the ball last night and before getting out of bed this morning. Thanks for the tip! My sister’s home sits on a concrete slab with hardwood floors. My friend Jane was told by a podiatrist that her PF was caused by wearing Birkenstocks. My sister is also careful to never walk barefoot. This pain just started this summer, coming and going.


  2. Oh what a beautiful sunset! Do you think those colors are enhanced from California fire smoke? Emmi looks happy with her warmer hiking path.
    I too had Plantar Fascitis. Had a shot, a splint to sleep with, and did exercises. The one I found worked the best is to massage the bottom of your foot across the width of the plantar fascia before getting out of bed or any time you’ve been sitting for a while. I always wear shoes with arch supports. Bottom line – rarely bothers me any longer!
    Good luck with the tumbleweed war! ~ Linda K.


    1. That’s good to hear it rarely bothers you any longer! My sister has suffered with it for a few years now. The “rolling your foot on a tennis ball” suggestion from our friend Pam helped immediately. I’ve always worn good shoes with arch supports (standing on my all day as a nurse) but I’m even more careful about it now! I used to wear the cute little flat flip flops but haven’t for several years as they were making my back hurt.


  3. I read the title and thought “Of course!” No I don’t think shoveling weeds on three acres sounds like a good plan 🙂 Love the quilt. Everyone has given you all the tips I wood for your foot. They work for mine and I rarely have pain anymore.


    1. Yes, “of course” we are back at work! Glad you agree with me about the 3 acres and I too love my little turkey quilt–I usually hang it just after Halloween so I can enjoy it longer but it was in Arizona this year while I was still in Montana.


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