We’ve Been Busy

We’ve been busy to say the least!! Friday morning Mom and I drove to Little Rock for shopping and lunch. Friday evening was rehearsal dinner at Ross and Vicky’s–my brother and sister-in-law. We had a fantastic meal after the rehearsal and lots of help made quick work of the cleanup.

Saturday evening after much work on the part of both bride and groom families, we had a wedding–in a hay field right as the sun sank behind the trees. Hannah was a stunning bride and my nephew was looking mighty handsome too! The second photo is Vicky and my other nephew Trenton who was best man. Third photo is me, my Mom, brother Ross, and my sister Ann.

It was a beautiful wedding and the happy couple were on their way to Cancun today.

Today the rest of the family headed off to church–it was “pastor appreciation day” and my BIL Danny is the pastor. And their church gifted them with a money tree–proving money does grow on trees!!

While the family was at church I once again drove to Little Rock to return some boots I purchased and then on to Benton. Remember our good friends Gina and Rollie? Their daughter and her family now live in Benton and Gina just happened to be at their house this week. We haven’t seen Gina and Rollie in a while–it was so good to see her! We had a great visit and I enjoyed seeing their son-in-law Parker along with the two grandchildren–Jolee and Job. Was sorry to miss Dr. Ashley–she was working.

And, last but not least today was my great niece Leah’s birthday. One of her presents–

a dinosaur costume–why you might ask–we have no idea but she was having fun with it and we laughed so hard watching her have fun!!

The Cowboy and Emmi are holding down the fort–they all went out to dinner last night–daughter Shannen and her family plus Lonn, Katie, Michael and the babies. Tomorrow morning I head to Florida and on Thursday back home to Montana–I am ready!

4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Busy

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful family with your readers. I could only think of all the wonderful memories that have been made.


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