More Beautiful Fall Weather

Our temps have reached near 70 degrees for the last few days–chilly mornings, sunny and warm afternoons–perfect weather–now if I could only find a place where the weather is this perfect year round!

Saturday we stayed home and puttered.  I quilted and finished a little quilt for Jeane.  The Cowboy worked on various motorhome projects.  It’s amazing what that man can do–the front windshield curtain in this motorhome is operated by an electric motorhome and the previous owners told us it didn’t work–one of the ONLY things they told us didn’t work!!  The motor does work, it just needs to be re-wired–someone unhooked the wiring???  The shower glass wall is curved with a curved hanging door.  It’s bearings are worn and thus the door was always in danger of falling off–not good–it’s glass!  The previous owners’ answer to this problem was to remove the door and place it on the bed every time they moved–not happening!  So, the Cowboy is using his lathe to create new bearings–he is amazing.

Sunday Nat rallied to a certain extent and we gathered at his house.  It’s a roller coaster to say the least.  Nat was a bomber on a B29 aircraft named Flak Alley Sally during World War II–when I Googled the plane name this photo popped up.  We also have a copy of this photo or a similar one in Nat’s things.  Nat is in the second row, far left.

Monday we ran errands in town, dropping off Jeane’s quilt and making various other stops.  Tuesday morning I am heading to Arkansas–I’ve been torn about whether to go or stay and the Cowboy wants me to go.  This is a trip that has been planned and tickets purchased for a long time.  My nephew Clayton is getting married Saturday evening.  On the Monday after the wedding I am traveling to West Palm Beach, Florida for my yearly gathering with my Kimberly-Clark Corp. nurse friends.  It’s a long time to be gone but I can always jump on a plane and come home–so I am going and I can’t wait to see my family.

My little bunny quilt–now it needs to be quilted.

17 thoughts on “More Beautiful Fall Weather

  1. I remember that Nat did not like flying. My dad flew his own plane out of BT and Joy would enjoy going for a ride but not Nat. I think he got his fill of it from the war.


    1. John–Nat and many others had a choice when leaving the Pacific–come home on a B29 or take a slow boat. Nat chose the slow boat–and to our knowledge he never flew again after the war.


  2. Thank you Nat and the crew of Flak Alley Sally.
    DFC Citation – Mission 62. Rashin, Fusan in Korea (July 11)
    For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight 11 July 1945. These individuals were combat crew members of a B-29 aircraft on a mine laying mission to Rashin, on the north eastern coast of Korea. This mission was flown from bases in the Marianas and return for an over all distance of approximately 4400 miles. Many difficulties and dangers overcome on this operation included complex navigational problems involved in such a long over water mission; making landfall at the planned time and place on the Korean coast; achieving a precise mine-laying run in the face of unfavorable weather conditions and difficult terrain; the great strain resulting from the long flying time involved; the possibility of encountering determined enemy opposition while twice traversing the main islands of Japan; and the danger of being forced far out to sea. Throughout this difficult and gruelling mission each member of this crew performed his assigned duties with such outstanding skill and devotion to duty that the entire operation was accomplished as planned and the mines released in the exact area where they would most effectively block shipping. The coolness, courage and determination shown in accomplishment of this long and hazardous mission by these veterans of repeated assaults against the Japanese homeland reflect great credit on themselves and the Army Air Forces.

    First Lieutenant EDGAR L. VINCENT as Airplane Commander
    First Lieutenant WILLIAM G. SPELLMAN as Navigator
    First Lieutenant HERBERT C. HORST as Bombardier
    Staff Sergeant WALTER H. STULL as Radar Gunner
    Staff Sergeant JOSEPH N. ROTONDI as Radio Operator
    Technical Sergeant LEON L. STEWARD as Central Fire Control Gunner
    Staff Sergeant NATHANIEL B. CLARK as Left Blister Gunner
    Staff Sergeant GORDON P. BRANTMAN as Right Blister Gunner
    Sergeant LOUIS L. CHICQUETTE as Tail Gunner

    [Transcribed by David Wilson, son of Sgt Bernard E. Wilson (Gunner, “Anonymous IV”)]


  3. Love those first shots! How wonderful to have that perfect Fall weather. Glad you’re making your annual girls weekend. The lingering rain should be gone by the time you get to Florida! That quilt is so precious.


  4. Have a terrific R & R ……… always tough to making decisions when family member is not doing well. Thoughts and prayers for Nat and his daily challenge. Loved the photo and the stories. You always have a fun time with your nurse friends. Travel safe !


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