Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us–twenty four years ago in a snowstorm we stood in the living room of friends Terry and Jill and were married.  We had a whirlwind courtship of two months before getting married but I’m thinking it was a good decision!  The Cowboy’s truck was finally ready in Livingston so we decided lunch at the Rib and Chop would be our anniversary celebration. We had a great meal–delicious–and good conversation.  I would say it’s a sign of a good marriage when you still talk–I see couples sitting in restaurants never saying a word to each other or they are focused on their phones–we talk.

Our weather yesterday and today has been outstanding–60 degrees, no wind and sunshine–perfect Indian summer and it’s to continue!

Sunday I sewed the blocks of the bunny quilt together and attached the borders.  I am anxious to start quilting some of my own projects again.  The Cowboy is taking a watercolor painting class soon so he found his watercolors and practiced–I liked his finished project!

Monday we went to Nat’s to check on him and to give his newer care giver a little helping hand.  Back home I walked Emmi and the Cowboy discovered a streak of energy enough to wash the grime off our jeep and car.

 Gloomy skies early Monday morning before the sun came out.

We had eight ladies at yoga this morning in Nancy’s “barn” guesthouse.  Our teacher Julia has been so busy with her two sons this month that we’ve been using a DVD and it’s a good work out.  Julia will be back in November and we will be very glad!  On Thursday we all go out to Julia’s house north of Big Timber for yoga.  Normally by this time we would be in Arizona so I may get to enjoy lots of yoga classes this winter.

23 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary! I love watercolors. I am jealous of having a class near. My sweet art teacher passed away this summer. I need to pick up my brushes and practice.


  2. Happy Anniversary, Janna and Michael! It is interesting to watch couples and families today out for a meal. Everyone is on their phone. They are missing out on so much. Glad to hear your weather has warmed. Looking forward to photos of Michael’s paintings and your quilting!


  3. Happy Anniversary! We married 25 years ago lasr Jan.1 so the date could be remembered. Scraped ice off the car and went to Walmart for our “honeymoon”.


  4. Yes I think you both made the right decision – congrats on your 24th! Your weather sounds divine. Can’t wait to see the bunny quilt and more of Michael’s artistic talent. We always laugh when we’re talking at a restaurant and wonder how we still have anything to say after spending 24/7 together 🙂


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