An Old Tale

As there isn’t much going on around here and certainly nothing exciting I thought I would tell you a story.  The Cowboy’s family has lived in the Boulder valley since the late 1800’s when his great-great uncles arrived.  In 1894 great-great uncle Frank Bliss purchased the Grand Hotel and made it a first class hotel and restaurant.  Family rumor has it Uncle Frank lost the Grand Hotel in a horse race!  Grandfather Clark, as a teenager, helped care for an outlaw who having been shot in the street was brought into the Grand to recover.  Rumor has it the bullet was removed while the outlaw reclined on the pool table. The Grand Hotel still exists in Big Timber and is a hotel/bed and breakfast/restaurant.  It’s one of the places the Cowboy took me during our short courtship. The building is a stately, gorgeous brick building with lots of beautiful oak paneling inside. I think if you click on the photo below it will enlarge–this article hangs in the bar of the Grand Hotel.

And another Grand Hotel story–when my Dad was alive we had all gone there to have dinner one summer evening.  My dad was a southern gentleman, very private and did not like to cause any scenes.  He spoke very slowly and ate even slower. That night the dining room was packed and noisy. Dad began to choke–I noticed but didn’t do anything so as not to call attention to Dad, thinking his choking would resolve.  But, it quickly became more serious and my mother said, “Janna, do something.”  I sprang out of my chair, jerked my father to his feet, performed the Heimlich maneuver and out popped a piece of steak.  All was well except for Dad’s embarrassment!  The next morning when Dad woke I asked him if he was OK and if his throat hurt.  His reply spoken in that loooong southern drawl, “no, I’m OK but daughter, I thought you were going to let me choke to death!!!” So much for my being worried about his being embarrassed!

Geez has our weather been nasty–our high temperature today was around 38 degrees, the wind blew and it spit snow pellets all day.  We went into Big Timber this afternoon–the fall colors along McLeod Street are stunning–

The Cowboy has been working on his chain saws–we cut firewood the other day and two of his chain saws quit.  My morning consisted of routine chores–making granola, bathing the dog, laundry, etc.  It may well be a long winter.

20 thoughts on “An Old Tale

  1. 38 sounds positively spring like around these parts, we got another 3″ of that white stuff yesterday and the roads are pretty much winter driving. I think it did warm up to 32 yesterday but today is a mite cooler. Rumour has it that next week we will warm up into the 40’s though so there is still some hope, that the snow will go and harvest can resume.


  2. I’d love to learn more about the Clark history. I have been very fond of the family for a long time. Ask Mike if he’ll tell you about the sawmill place and what happened to the brother of Nat and Bo.


    1. So many long time residents of this community don’t remember there was another brother. Friends of ours own the sawmill place now and had built a small cabin–all that burned in the 2006 fires.


    1. I still laugh about Daddy thinking I was going to let him choke! A physician was dining there that night and came over to the table after it was all over to tell me how well I handled it!


  3. It’s so nice to have great family history stories.
    Are you going to go to Arizona this
    winter? Thought that was your plan.
    Got to use that wonderful motorhome!


  4. So wonderful to be deeply connected to the community through all that shared history! LOL at Dad’s comment :-)) I too would love to hear my dad’s voice again. The trees are so beautiful. I love that little town!


  5. It’s really windy here, infact we are under a wind warning. Leaves are flying everywhere and it just started raining. Supposed to warm up next week for a few days. Your story reminds me of my husbands grandfather. In the mid to late 1800’s he was a very rich man and owned many hotels, apt. buildings and houses here in Calgary. Unfortunately he was Russian/German and was illiterate. Crooked lawyers got him to sign lots of papers that he couldn’t read and they stole everything from him. He died a pauper!!! Hie grandmother was left with 8 children and not much else. Pretty sad.


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