Not Much Is Different

Saturday was a busy day for us–two trips to town to see about Nat–he continues to slid downhill gradually every single day. His care is now all about what he wants and how to keep him comfortable.  We are grateful he can still converse with us most of the time.

Sunday we were back at Nat’s and today we spent most of the day there with him.  Katie stopped by late this afternoon with Brooks and Millie–Nat knew who they were and thanked them for visiting him.

We’ve cut some dead aspen trees for firewood–our house is heated in a variety of ways–we have radiant floor heat in all the basement floors and under the tile floors upstairs.  We have baseboard electric heat upstairs and a wood stove in the basement with floor vents which allow the heat to radiate upstairs–we stay warm.

Sunday and today we’ve actually seen some sunshine.  It might snow tonight and then again it might not but our temps are chilly and the wind is brisk.  Our fall colors will likely diminish after this storm passes through.

8 thoughts on “Not Much Is Different

  1. Your Fall colors are beautiful….we haven’t had much for color here in Nebr. this Fall. I went to O’Neill yesterday & noticed all the cottonwoods were already pretty bare and the ash were just turning brown. Just not a pretty Fall at all, and cold & rainy so much of the time.


  2. It is cold and rainy here in Cortez, CO. We even some sleet today. The mountains are covered in snow. Hopefully, will see a little sun tomorrow!! We have seen enough rain! Thinking of your family. Glad you are able to be with Nat.


  3. I know Nat truly appreciates how much he is loved. We are in Virginia and it is just too warm for the leaves to change colors. And rainy. So it’s not pretty at all.


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