Meeting Ourselves Coming And Going

We’ve been so busy I forgot to write a blog last night–didn’t even think about it.  So, let’s get with it and I will see if I can remember what we did three days ago!!–my sleep issues continue and that doesn’t help the memory!

Surprise, surprise–Saturday had the Cowboy working on the motorhome once again.  We had gotten in the habit of not winterizing our RVs as we would leave for Arizona early enough to avoid the freezing temps and come back to Montana in the spring after the freezing temps had hopefully gone.  This new to us Beaver coach is not easy to winterize!  The HydroHot system alone took five gallons of RV antifreeze!!  And it’s impossible to “blow out” the HydroHot system so that wasn’t an option.  But now it’s ready for those freezing temps the weather man tells us are coming.

Saturday evening we attended the wedding reception of friends/neighbors–Keith and Dee.  Photo borrowed from Dee’s Facebook page.  It was a very fun evening–lots of friends and neighbors, good food, dancing–lots of fun!  Even the kids enjoyed!

Saturday was damp and chilly with intermittent rain showers–the showers held off long enough for the outdoor wedding to proceed.  Saturday night it rained and Sunday we woke to this–

Rain and snow showers continued for most of the day–we decided to be couch potatoes–we had earned it!

Nat has had a few bad days starting early Sunday morning–exhausting for all his caregivers.  Monday night he finally slept and today is much calmer.

Monday morning I washed windows–a chore I despise with a passion!  My rule is to wash the windows once in the spring and once in the fall–if they are dirty in between, too bad!  There are lots of windows in this house!

Monday evening we met Sarge and Sarah for dinner at Sage Lodge in Emmigrant, Montana on the way to Yellowstone Park from Livingston, Montana.  It’s a brand new, massive hotel/cabin/restaurant complex with views which will knock off your socks!  We dined in the Grill–the dinner dining room.  They also have a breakfast and lunch dining room located in the hotel portion of the development.

Not the greatest photo but you can see the view from the hotel lobby of their man made pond and the peaks–stunning! The buildings in the background are the private cabins–very luxurious!  Our dinners were fantastic but pricey and the service was great.

My meal of beef tenderloin–so tender you could cut it with a fork.

Tuesday was yoga for me and finishing up the winterizing of the motorhome for the Cowboy.  We then went to town to relieve the caregiver who had been on duty except for a short, five hour break since 9am Monday morning!  Barb was there and we had a good visit.

So, I think I covered everything we have been doing–doesn’t seem like much when I write it down!

Monday morning dawned chilly and beautiful.

 Even the grasses are colorful this fall.

Isn’t this the greatest photo–I love their happy expressions doing something they both enjoy–a guided fishing trip on the Little Red River in Arkansas.  My beloved sister Ann and brother in law Danny.

12 thoughts on “Meeting Ourselves Coming And Going

  1. The pictures are breathtaking! I kept returning to the dinner plate and thinking of your description. Sorry to hear Nat had some bad days. I’ve been down road several years ago with Mom. You’ll never regret time spent with him. Hugs ‘n Prayers to each of you.


  2. We had 16″ of snow in the last 24 hours!!! This is way too early. Had to use the snow blower on the driveway. It was way too much for me to shovel by hand. I did everywhere else though-3 times!!!


  3. We’ve lived in our RV 17 years and this is the first winter we have to winterize it as we’ll be leaving it here in Maine and flying to Mexico. There are 6 gallons of RV antifreeze waiting to be used. Bill is still figuring out what has drains and what doesn’t…. I haven’t a clue… I’m sure your cowboy will keep everything snug and cozy… but good grief! snow already?!?


  4. Looks like a lovely new lodge and not far from Yellowstone. Your meal looked fabulous. Your snow video was so cute. I love watching it snow…from inside:) Thinking of you, Michael, and Nat.


  5. Hope Nat continues to have better days. Your snow looks wonderful compared to our hot and humid Fall with almost no colors. Still wouldn’t want too much more of it this early! The wedding reception looks like lots of fun.


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