Snow On The Mountains

Snow on the mountains–we had rain Sunday evening but our mountains got the snow.  Monday dawned cool and very blustery–made for a chilly morning walk!

Sunday we spent more time in the motorhome–the Cowboy installed the bracket for the inverter and permanently mounted it.  We’ve ordered a control panel for it–does anyone else have trouble with Amazon and their Prime two day shipping??  I order something on Monday and sometimes I get it on Wednesday–that’s two day shipping.  Other times such as with this control panel, I order it on Monday and it will arrive on Thursday–that’s not two day shipping! Might be we live too far out in the boonies??  We have the same issues when in Arizona but we sort of live out in the boonies there too! 🙂

The cleaning is mostly finished in the motorhome.  I still need to steam clean the carpet but will wait until we are finished with projects before doing that little chore.  High end motorhomes such as this Beaver have carpet lined drawers and shelves–needless to say, the carpet in the drawers was gross so the Cowboy spent Monday afternoon cutting new carpeting for the drawers–much better.  But I have noticed some things our Country Coach had which this Beaver does not.  In the Country Coach we had a pull out trash can and a pull out laundry basket.  There were lights inside most of the cabinets/closets which came on when the door was opened.  The Beaver has none of these features but we do have two potty rooms–one for each of us I guess! 🙂

Today was a much needed yoga day and the Cowboy crawled around beneath the motorhome greasing all the fittings.  I tweaked my back/hip yesterday afternoon so I’ve taken it easy–no cleaning for me today.


13 thoughts on “Snow On The Mountains

  1. We don’t have a problem with 2 day shipping if it comes UPS(brown truck). If it comes by U S Mail it’s always three days because UPS has to hand it off for delivery most times. Two out of three times I will call and complain about paying for delivery and not getting it. They usually give me a $10.00 credit. Not sure it’s worth the trouble to call, though.


    1. Amazon Prime packages don’t usually come via the mail. I have emailed and complained and I get some run around about their distribution centers–and my answer is always “then don’t promise two day shipping.” I sometimes get a credit too. I try not to shop with internet companies who use UPS Smart Mail or FedEx Smart Post–those packages go around the world before being dropped at the local post office for delivery. I’ve become spoiled by Amazon Prime two day delivery and Walmart two day delivery.


    1. I always pay attention to that little blurb, “if you order within the next 12 hours and 52 minutes your package will arrive in two days.” When I ordered the inverter panel promised delivery was Wednesday, now tracking states Thursday–that’s the part which irritates me. It’s either two day or it’s not and we pay $100/year for the privilege of two day shipping. As I said, we are spoiled by Amazon and Walmart–it works most of the time.


  2. Haha! You have to remember that it takes one day of the shipping just to find you:) Good to hear you have the MH cleaned, well, except for the carpet. Hope your back improves quickly. Sounds like Michael is getting the running end all together. I love the mountains when they get snow topped peaks. We arrived in Torrey, UT yesterday to 71 degrees and an 18 degree point with a deep blue sky. It was delightful. We dropped to 46 last night. I do enjoy the cold for sleeping. The mountains were full of golden aspens as we traveled. We were both ready for a break from the heat. Gotta love having a house with wheels!

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    1. Ha, ha is right Pam–you are funny but sometimes I think it’s the truth! I love fall and will take these temps over summer any day! Enjoy your stay in Capital Reef–we are ready to get out in that new motorhome…….

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  3. I give street address,than the decide to ship to Poland. Police went deliver without box #. Lesson learned always include police box #. Plus if I wanted to drive 5 miles to get package I would go to store.


  4. I’ve said before, as you folks, I live in the sticks/mountains..If they say 2 days..I’m just happy if whatever shows up at all.
    I have had the most insane bad service from Fed-ex….Too lazy to drive my 700′ drive?..Just put it in my garbage can at the road..If I hadn’t looked before tossing the weeks trash….I’d never seen it…
    That’s the nicest word I could use….


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