I’ll Be Honest

Taken from our hay fields–Boone Mountain

I’ve been getting flu vaccines for 20+ years and have never had any side effects other than a sore arm.  The first shingles vaccine which I received in about 2011 didn’t bother me at all except for the sore arm.  This Shingrix vaccine was another whole ball of wax!!  My arm is still sore three days later.  Wednesday afternoon/evening I felt awful–achy as if I had the flu and those symptoms continued into Thursday morning.  By afternoon on Thursday I was fine.  I will endure those side effects gladly rather than have shingles!  My mom is miserable at times and we have a lady here in our community who is struggling with shingles on her face.

Thursday I spent the morning in bed, the Cowboy worked on various motorhome projects.  Friday we went to town to get antifreeze for the AquaHot system and to see Nat–we had a very nice visit with him.  He has good days and bad days mentally–Friday was a good day.  Paul, our UPS man brought the new to us inverter.  The Cowboy loves a bargain and while shopping Amazon for a new inverter, he stumbled across a “used, but new” Xantrex Pure Sine wave inverter/converter.  The inverter was new, never been used in its original packaging but had been dropped.  It was deeply discounted and could be returned for a full refund if it didn’t work.

The Cowboy connected the inverter to our system this morning and it worked–hurrah!!!  He has to build a bracket for it as it’s much larger than the fried inverter he removed from the motorhome.

Saturday I gave the Emmi girl a much needed haircut–might have gotten it a little too short for our cooler weather but it will grow.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning in the motorhome–I think I might be about half finished???

Our fall weather has been perfect and the leaf colors are outstanding–we took a drive up Elk Creek tonight to look at the fall leaves and see if we could spot any critters.  No animals except deer and turkeys but we enjoyed just seeing all the golds and reds.

This is the same mountain as in the first photo which was taken from our hay fields.  Driving up Elk Creek you are up close and personal to Boone Mountain.


22 thoughts on “I’ll Be Honest

  1. It’s great to see your mountains without smoke or snow. Such a lovely view:) The falls colors are spectacular. We are heading to Torrey and Capitol Reef NP on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see the aspen all golden. Sorry to hear you had such a reaction to the shingles vaccine. I understand the new vaccine is suppose to be more effective. Our son had shingles at 38. He was so surprised by how many younger people get them. He didn’t have then too badly and only on his waist and back. That’s great news that the new inverter worked.


    1. Wow–I didn’t know younger people could have shingles. My brother had them when he was about 50 years old and was miserable. Nat had shingles in 2011 and there was concern the virus was spreading to his eye–which can blind you. I will take the less than 24 hours of feeling bad over the weeks of recovery from shingles. The new vaccine is advertised as 99% effective.


  2. I’ve never had a shingles shot (got my flu shot Friday) and not sure I ever want to get one. Glad you’re feeling better now.


    1. If you had chicken pox as a child you might want to reconsider Sharon. Shingles is no picnic and it seems as if more and more people we know are getting shingles. Nat (Mike’s dad) had shingles on his face and in his ear–he was miserable–and there was concern the virus might spread to his eye which can blind you. Just a thought!


  3. I have never had a Shingles shot and have been debating if I should get the new vaccine. I have heard it has made some people ill. Sorry you were feeling bad. However, it sounds like it is worth getting.
    You live in a gorgeous place!


  4. We haven’t gotten flu or shingles shots ever but I suppose eventually I need to change that. Glad the side effects didn’t last too long! Your fall colors are beautiful with those clear blue skies. We’re not seeing much color on the east coast this time.


  5. Here on the Central Coast of California, we are on waiting lists to get the shingles shot, but so far, manufacturers haven’t sent new batches to the pharmacies. Guess there are too many of us who need that shot. As for side effects, I had the flu-like symptoms for a little less than two days last week when I got the flu shot. That’s a first for me!


  6. I had the shingles around the bra line during the summer while in High School some 50 years ago and will do whatever it takes not to have them again.


    1. You are the second person who has commented about having shingles as a young person–I thought it only occurred in older folks!! I wonder why “they” only recommend older people get the vaccine??


  7. My mother had shingles and the doctor said it was the worst case she’d ever seen. Think of the commercial on tv and easily double it!! She suffered for approx. 10 years until she died. At that time I said as soon as I turn 60 (that was the age back then) I am getting the shingles shot-it was zostavax at the time. Hubby and I got the shot and we were given the impression that it was good for life. Later (too late) we found out it was only good for approx. 6 years and was only 50% effective to start with and decreased as time went on. By 6 years it was useless. Well, 61/2 years after the shot I got shingles. I didn’t even think it was shingles as I’d had the shot. Well. here I am 22 weeks later, the shingles became phn-postherpectic neuralgia. I”ve been on gabapentin all this time and I’m told I have to have 5 days straight with no pain before I can go off the meds. I’m still waiting for one day without pain!!! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! Needless to say hubby got the shingrix shots as soon as they were available. I can’t have it until I am free of this for one year! Please, please please, everyone, get the shingrix shot. A few days of feeling like crap are nothing compared to what I am going through.


    1. Oh, my goodness Janice–our hearts go out to you–what an awful thing to have happen and now you can’t get the Shingrix vaccine for a year after your symptoms disappear. You are definitely a testament for getting the vaccine!!


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