Jim Meachum Moments

While walking out to the motorhome a garter snake startled me into jumping.  And dang it, on the way back to the house another garter snake slithered across the grass in front of me–I screamed loud enough to cause the Cowboy to come see if I was OK–I call those Jim Meachum moments–as he HATES snakes!!  In the jeep on the way to town this morning a rather large spider dangled himself right in front of my head–I managed to stop the jeep and I am sorry to say, the spider is now very dead! (Sorry Angie!) Another Jim Meachum moment as he also HATES spiders.

The Cowboy has spent lots of time in this position–

Seems the inverter in this motorhome is fried, kaput, done.  Once the Cowboy removed the inverter he decided to see if it was fixable by taking it apart.  Nope, fried–in the next photo you can see circled in red the “fried, burned, melted” part.  Probably a previous owner overloaded the inverter by trying to run an appliance/heater with too large a power draw.

Amazon to the rescue, a new inverter should be here by Friday.  The Cowboy joined an AquaHot forum and it’s a good one.  The owner/moderator is extremely knowledgeable and sells parts and tools for repairing AquaHot heating systems.  Our parts and tool came today–the Cowboy was able to make the AquaHot fire and burn for the first time–hooray, hooray!!!

Monday we went to Big Timber to visit Nat and for an unsuccessful parts run.  In the late afternoon we took dinner to Lonn’s–it was Katie’s 30th birthday–we had a great time and the meal was fabulous if I do say so myself–spaghetti, homemade bread, salad and rhubarb crisp.

I’m going to be walking soon!!

Tuesday was a much needed yoga day for me and the Cowboy was working on the motorhome.  Today I went to town again–to see my nurse practitioner.  It was just a routine visit–my blood pressure was fantastic, had blood drawn as I take a statin and received the first Shingrix vaccine.  My appointment was at 8:30am and by the time I left the clinic I was starving (had to be fasting for the blood draw)–so I found my friend Jill at her office and we went to breakfast at our local bakery.

I spent the afternoon in the motorhome cleaning–oh, my goodness–how in the world could anyone be so filthy?? But I did make some progress and I made the lights in one of the potty rooms work–that’s an accomplishment for me!  One of these days we will be ready to take a trip in that motorhome–I hope!

16 thoughts on “Jim Meachum Moments

    1. That’s cute–I was walking around wearing one of those spotlight things on my head and just decided–“I could change those light bulbs and we happened to have one of the tiny florescent tubes.


  1. All those critters…ugh! The spider hanging down would have driven me off the road!! Those two grandbabies are just the cutest. Millie is really ready to take off. Hope your work ends soon on the motorhome and you get to enjoy it.


  2. Cute kids… and what a cute “trainer walker” that is. Never seen one of those before. I like both snakes and spiders… but don’t like being surprised by snakes.


    1. We have another friend who I referenced in the blog when I said, “sorry Angie.” She too loves all creatures, I’m not even sure she swats flies! I like Millie’s walker too–it plays sounds–she has to guard it from her brother.


  3. I might love snakes, but they sure can startle me!! Same with spiders – like them but not in my hair! Sure a good thing Michael is so handy or those jobs would be costing a fortune. Those babies are just adorable 🙂


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