It’s A Good Thing We Are Retired

It’s a good thing we are retired or we wouldn’t have time for all this running around we are doing??  Or would we? I can hardly remember a time in my growing up years when my Mom didn’t work full time but also accomplished so much at home.  She and Dad raised a huge garden every summer, canning and freezing tons of food.  Mom made all the clothes she, my sister and I wore.  We went to church at least three times per week.  When did Mom have time to sit down and put up her feet??  My sister Ann and her husband Danny are on the go all the time–they both work full time–Ann at a job with a 45 minute commute, Danny as a full time pastor of the church we attended growing up.  Yet the two of them raise a huge garden and have a large yard to maintain.  They too are on the go all the time.  I’m thinking we are blessed to have retired so young!!

Thursday we had an appointment with a VA person at Nat’s.  And Friday we attended a memorial service for a friend and former neighbor–Jim and Nat were within months of being the same age, 96 years old.  Jim fell many years ago and broke a hip–he spent the last ten years of his life in the nursing home.  Jim was another of the greatest generation–he was a belly gunner on a B17 aircraft and flew 35 missions over Germany.  Jim and his wife Beryl owned the ranch which adjoins us until they sold and moved to town.

Evening walk

September is a big month for birthdays in our family and the gang over at Lonn’s had a major birthday party Saturday night.  Lots of friends and neighbors, lots of babies and kiddos, lots of fun!  We grilled hamburgers and everyone brought side dishes–someone brought these divine cream puffs with chocolate sauce–I had dessert before dinner–couldn’t resist!

Cream puffs and chocolate dipped strawberries–who needs dinner??
Solving the problems of the world!

Back at home in Arkansas my high school class celebrated our 45th class reunion!  How did that happen??  Judging by the social media posts everyone had a great time!  On a sad note, there were about 165 graduates if I remember correctly and 32 of my classmates have died.

One evening this past week we had a spectacular evening sky–

See the little moon sliver?


Millie just up from a nap and wondering why all these people were in her Grandpa’s house!

10 thoughts on “It’s A Good Thing We Are Retired

  1. Beautiful sunsets! Cute kid… what an expression on her face! Class reunions certainly are interesting… my 60th is next summer… class of 100 students (I think they flunked one kid to make the 100th graduating class of that school have exactly 100 graduates)…. hope you made it to yours… they sure can be a hoot!


  2. Some people just have to be on the go all the time. They don’t seem to like to kick back and put their feet. We are not like that at all…thank goodness. We’ve always said we would be very good at retirement:) Beautiful sky! Looks like a fun birthday celebration. Millie is too cute:)


  3. Cream puffs and chocolate dipped strawberries for dinner? Of course! You’ve got dairy (calcium & protein), fruit, & chocolate (elixir of life). Sounds like a well rounded meal to me.
    I used to have a home with a yard/gardens. That was my relaxation – so perhaps all those folks ‘working’ in their gardens are simply re-energizing!
    ~ Linda K.


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