A Quilt and Life Is Moving Right Along

Monday we admitted Nat to hospice and it’s been a most wonderful and comforting experience.  We live in a small town and odds are we will know the caregivers from the hospital–the hospice nurse, Jill, we’ve known for a long time.  Nat went to school with Jill’s uncle so they have lots to discuss.  Jill has just taken over Nat’s care and we are all pleased.  Things started happening–a hospital bed and wheelchair were delivered, supplies appeared without me having to resort to Amazon.com–and another very caring person, Jill, is in Nat’s life.  We have been so fortunate with our caregivers!

This little family decided the green grass of the lawn and my lilac bush would make for a tasty supper.  Emmi made them decide to dine elsewhere–

My friend Jeane is a modest quilter–she doesn’t like to boast about her quilts so I will do it for her this time.  This little quilt was so exquisitely done–perfectly pieced and Jeane did all the applique by hand during this past long winter.  It was a perfect quilt and she brought it to me for longarm quilting.  I wanted it to be special and it took me a long, long time to make it perfect–

This photo almost shows the true colors–a light pink and green, black, gray and tan fabrics.

I really, really wanted to keep this one but I’m sure Jeane would have asked me to return it at some point in time! 🙂

Tuesday we both had routine doctors appointments in Billings–the Cowboy saw his internist who told him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing!!–his blood pressure was perfect and he had lost weight.  The dermatologist told me I was fine–no issues.  We had lunch and ran some errands before heading back to Nat’s to retrieve Emmi and visit for a while.

Today the Cowboy has spent the entire day trying to make the AquaHot in the motorhome work without success.  Frustrating!  As I’ve said before, the lack of manuals in this coach is an issue–and even though we aren’t joiners of clubs and have never attended a rally we’ve joined the Beaver Ambassador Club in order to access their forum.  Searching the internet for 2001 Beaver Marquis wiring diagrams I stumbled across an entry from the Beaver forum but could not access the information as I wasn’t a member.  Someone had downloaded their entire wiring diagram manual for a 2001 Beaver Marquis to the forum files.  Once we are approved as members we will have access to those files–yea!

And we finally found a refrigerator door handle–we think!  We’ve searched everywhere using the part number shown in the refrigerator manual–Amazon, eBay, various RV parts suppliers with no luck.  I removed the remaining door handle the other day and found a totally different number on the underside.  I used that part number to search eBay–low and behold, someone had TWO of the handles and they are both on their way to us!!

This afternoon I started longarming a quilt for our friend Shirley–almost finished it too!

We purchased some new towels on sale at Costco yesterday.  I’ve washed and dried the towels twice–I’ve cleaned the lint screen in the dryer at least six times!!  I’m thinking they could use another wash/dry before we start using them–geez!

25 thoughts on “A Quilt and Life Is Moving Right Along

    1. I should have stated, the switch is located in the cabinet closet to the closet. It is unmarked.
      Of course our floorplan is probably different. Ours is Tourmaline.


  1. Hospice is such a blessing at this difficult time. The comfort and care they give is so needed by the loved ones. They are also a huge help after the passing when the individual is at home. Our thoughts are with you, Michael, and your family.

    Oh, my, that quilt is beautiful! The applique work is spectacular!

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  2. Who would have thought the title of your blog would come to mean restoring a motor home! That quilt is beautiful…. and the quilting designs are so intricate… lovely!


    1. Yep, we are restoring a motorhome–seems every day we find something else which doesn’t work. The previous owners must have always stayed with electric hookups as all the stuff that doesn’t work would be required if you were boondocking.


  3. Hospice is so wonderful. I don’t know where they find their people, but they are amazing. Just like that quilt is amazing. So beautiful.


      1. We have had our 1998 Beaver Marquis since September, 2006. It has been a VERY reliable coach and we still enjoy it very much. The clear coat is coming off in places so it needs removing. We would like to get it repainted. Hope you enjoy yours; they are very well made especially the earlier build ones.


      2. Our Country Coach was also very reliable and well built–why did we sell it???? Once we get all the bugs worked out of this Beaver we have no doubt it will be a beautiful and reliable coach. The clear coat is coming off this Beaver in places too.


  4. That quilt is absolutely adorable. You two make a great team! Wonderful that Nat will continue to have great care. I know what a blessing that is. Congrats on the good health results, keep it up!


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