Friday was my birthday and it was a great day–I love birthdays and not just my own.  I love to celebrate birthdays with friends and family and I enjoy hosting birthday parties too.  Friday was a day of calls, cards, Facebook messages, presents and a lovely dinner at the Grand in Big Timber with Sarge and Sarah.  The Cowboy’s present to me was this fabulous pair of boots–

Image may contain: bootsIt’s been a long time since I actually LOVED a pair of shoes but I LOVE these boots!  I have a hard time finding boots to fit and these fit and even fit my skinny calves–did I say I LOVED these boots!

Saturday was a very successful day–remember the trip to Spokane for a generator–well listen to this–

The Cowboy had the generator installed by Friday afternoon and finished the last details Saturday morning.  I had the honor of going inside the coach and pushing the “generator start” button and as you can hear on the video–it ran!

This coach has what the RV industry calls “basement air.”  Most RV air conditioners are roof mounted units which have a panel on the ceiling of the RV which circulates the cold air and a whole lot of noise.  So much noise that the Cowboy and I have never been able to sleep with one running.  Our Country Coach motorhome had three of those noisy roof mounted air conditioners and you could run each individually or all three at once. The basement air conditioner is located in the storage bay of a RV and ducted into the coach just like a home air conditioner–much, much quieter.  But as they are a single unit providing air conditioning to a 42 foot long coach, it’s a big unit with big power requirements.  The new to us generator handled the air conditioner like a champ!  I did a happy dance!!–this is a big step in making this coach our own and the Cowboy was successful once again!!

Sunday afternoon we joined many of our friends and neighbors for a barbecue picnic at our fire hall.  It was sponsored by the Boulder River Watershed group which came into being in about 2001 when a platinum and palladium mine began operations near us.  It was great to see people we don’t see often.

Once home I quickly built a pizza casserole (thanks Patchwork Times Judy!!) to take to a friend/neighbor who is housebound due to illness–his wife was involved in a car accident Friday evening and is to come home from the hospital tomorrow.

A beautiful fall day in Montana.

13 thoughts on “Success

  1. Glad the generator works and the AC is a better fit for you. I debated about going to the watershed bbq. Had I known you two were going I would have come. Instead I spent the pm working on my blacksmithing project; a bunch of steel roses in a vase. If I like it when it’s done I’ll send you a pix. I appreciate your blog.


  2. Belated Happy Birthday to a lady
    who does a great blog which I enjoy
    immensely !
    Good news on the generator, hope to
    see more pictures of the motorhome.
    It looks gorgeous.


  3. Those are gorgeous boots and the fact they fit and are comfortable are awesome. Congrats on your birthday. Big high 5 for the generator and AC.


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