Our Wheels Are Still Rolling

We usually travel the 22 miles to town one or two times per week–but not lately!  To Spokane over the weekend, stayed home on Monday and have been to town every other day.  We are also going  to Big Timber tomorrow. Our wheels are rolling and our gas tanks are guzzling!

Tuesday the Cowboy had an appointment with the dermatologist and I had an appointment for a much needed haircut.  The dermatologist is a young guy who loves to talk about the Cowboy’s hat–he would love to have a hat but not sure he can pull off the look! 🙂 He has purchased a section of ground east of Billings and happened to mention the location–Sarpy Creek.  Our friends Robyn and Claire own property across the road from this physician and he has spoken to our friends on the phone.  Small world.

Wednesday was a good town day.  Friends Jeane and Jill had invited me to lunch at the Grand to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  They are off to Zion on Friday (my actual birthday) for a major hiking trip.  I was invited on this trip but just didn’t feel right about being gone that long.  They are going to hike the Narrows this time–I hope they have a wonderful time!  This photo is from our hiking trip to Zion in April, 2012.

Today Tammy and I went to yoga at Julia’s north of Big Timber.  After yoga Tammy dropped me at Nat’s where I met up with the Cowboy.  We had an appointment with a VA representative which went well.  Now we are back home and the Cowboy is working on getting that generator installed!

When we tried to start the motorhome we had dead, dead batteries–now what!!!  This coach has a much fancier inverter than we had in the Country Coach.  Seems the inverter had a “fault” light flashing and as a result was not allowing the batteries to charge even though we were plugged into power.  We will learn!  Our Country Coach came with a total complete set of manuals–wiring diagrams, manuals for everything in the coach–we could usually troubleshoot just about anything using those manuals.  This coach is sorely lacking in the manual department.  We are searching the internet high and low looking for parts and manuals.  The Dometic New Dimensions refrigerator is missing a door handle and I’m having trouble locating one–how exactly do you break the door handle on the refrigerator???

Brooks trying out Grandpa Lonn’s boots!

Our friends/neighbors Nancy and Geoff captured this mountain lion photo on their game camera–they only live about a mile up the road from us–YIKES!!!



16 thoughts on “Our Wheels Are Still Rolling

  1. How do you do so much damage to a MH. I don’t understand how you can spend that much money and then destroy it. Hope you get all straightened out soon. That mountain lion is huge. Hope he stays clear of your place. We had a coyote walk right across the bank in our backyard two days early this week. He was only about 10 feet from our back wall. He was huge and so beautiful. Funny thing is that our son was just asking while he was here last week if we ever see any coyotes. Low and behold right after Kevin left, the coyote walked by two mornings in a row. We aren’t surprised since it is all desert behind us. He looked over the wall two houses down. I don’t believe I would let a small dog out there alone.

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    1. The Cowboy will get us going–I have no doubt! It’s kind of creepy that two mountain lions (could be the same one, could not) have been spotted so near our place lately!! We see coyotes in AZ all the time but you kind of live nearer town than we do!!


  2. We had some very frustrating problems with our Triple E’s inverter on our very first trip. Dead batteries were part and parcel of that. In the end we went to Solar Mike’s in Slab City California and Mike diagnosed the problem as two computer boards in the inverter. He removed the inverter, gave us a temporary one, then sent the Inverter to Temecula California where the boards were replaced and we’ve been trouble free ever since. Touch wood of course………….


  3. We thought it was a small world when you bought the Arizona place so close to our Tombstone buddies! We’re in Maine and have two rigs from California on either side of us – sometimes the great big country seems even smaller 🙂 Daring pic of Brooks, his smile sure lights up the room.


  4. 22 miles?..Shoot…It’s a 100 mile round trip for me…..I do love the peace and quiet, such a change from my home town, Seattle……
    Can’t call for a pizza delivery…


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