More Miles

Remember in the last blog I said the new to us motorhome had no generator.  Some functions of a motorhome won’t work without power of some sort–connected to an electricity source or a generator.  When traveling it’s sometimes necessary to have air conditioning–going down the road you obviously can’t be plugged into a electric receptacle.  So, you run the generator and the coach air conditioners keeping comfortable while driving.  The dash air in a motorhome is just about useless due to the size of these beasts so it’s nice to have that “house” air conditioner going too.  Most motorhomes no longer have propane ovens and instead rely on microwave/convection ovens which require lots of power.  We boondock a lot and if I want to use the convection oven it requires the generator.

Generators large enough to power one of these coaches are expensive as in over $10,000!!  Ouch!!  Craigslist to the rescue again.  We located a newer, used Onan generator–unfortunately it was located in Spokane–didn’t we just go to Spokane???  On Thursday the Cowboy found another used generator in Billings and we drove down and picked up this generator.  Nope–too good to be true–the Cowboy couldn’t make that one run.

The Cowboy’s truck is having issues which he hasn’t solved as of yet.  Lonn loaned us his fancy Dodge Longhorn pickup so we could make the trip to Spokane–again.  We left early Saturday morning and were back home by late afternoon on Sunday.  That’s almost 1000 miles round trip!!  We didn’t want to impose on our friend Mary so soon again so we found a very nice Residence Inn, ordered delivery pizza for dinner and called it an early night. Did you know most Residence Inns allow pets??

Today we’ve both been busy–the Cowboy has been trying various systems in the motorhome–so far we have two leaky toilets, a leaking hot water faucet in the bathroom and an AquaHot system which won’t heat.  We are both hoping the new generator will work seamlessly without issue????  The refrigerator works which is a relief–it’s a big one and would be expensive to replace!

I finished Jeane’s quilt, did countless loads of laundry and made lunch/dinner.  Labor Day has been a day of labor for us.

Notice the jet vapor trail as the sun is going down.

We learned yesterday our local USFS officials in their infinite wisdom are going to conduct a prescribed burn very near our home.  Guess they haven’t been reading the news or weather reports–who in their right mind would start a fire–Montana is dry, dry and there are various fires burning all over the state.  But I guess the USFS doesn’t think we’ve all breathed enough smokey air this season??? 😦

12 thoughts on “More Miles

  1. I know prescribed burns are supposedly the solution to out of control overly hot fires, but it surely does seem stupid to do them when it is still so dry. Just Crazy. Hopefully all those systems will run smoothly and your new home will turn out perfectly. Makes me tired just reading about it, though. I hate those back to back long trips that aren’t actually part of traveling fun.


  2. You guys are a real bugger for punishment sometimes but with all the talent and experience on your side you always seem to make things work:))


  3. Sure sounds like the “new” MH needs a lot of work. Hope the new generator works like a charm. It’s hard to believe that the USFS would do a controlled burn. But then better they burn the underbrush with control than have another wildfire.


    1. Control is the key word–there are some places in our neck of the woods where the “control” was lost and devastation resulted–that’s our worry. Plus having to breathe the nasty smoke for days on end again.


  4. The fire that started a month ago is still burning..Now up to 42,000 acres..Canyon Creek.
    They had a chance to stop it the 1st day..The NFS just sent observers, swell, thanks!
    They are nutz in my opinion; every time they do a (controlled) burn here it blows up.
    Chelan county..Wa.
    Had a chopper flying from our swimming hole in front of my house all day today..Very talented pilots, our river is getting quite small.
    Fingers and toes are crossed….


    1. When we go to Moccasin Lake with the ATV we see evidence of a “controlled” burn getting out of control. I’m thinking they did the “observing” thing for a fire over by Ennis, Montana and Yellowstone Park–it’s now WAY past observation.


  5. nice RV and sorry for the niggling issues.
    I would love to travel and see all the interesting places, so will do it through your blog. thanks for the posts


  6. Fingers crossed the generator works great. Since we seldom dry camp or travel where it’s hot enough to need the AC while driving we rarely use ours. Still, I can’t imagine not having it on board!! Beautiful sunset.


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