How Did I Ever Do A Daily Bloga

As I struggle for blog material I wonder how in the world I ever wrote a daily blog???  I’m doing well to write one every three days it seems.

Friday was another hot one, right up near 90 degrees.  We both spent the day puttering inside the cool house before going to town to visit Nat and the farmers market.  Can you imagine–the Cowboy didn’t want a grilled cheese sandwich with Brie cheese and tomatoes???  The farmers market has at least one food truck each Friday and it was Montana Melt this past Friday.  Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches–we came home and ate dinner! 🙂

Saturday was so much cooler it was amazing–clouds, spitting rain and cool temps.  Jim and Kathy came for dinner and we enjoyed an outstanding dinner if I do say so myself!–we had steaks from the grill, Pioneer Woman smashed potatoes, a salad and a raspberry tart for dessert–delicious.  It was good to spend time with Jim and Kathy–it’s been a while.

At the Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame our granddaughter Kristen received a $3000 scholarship–way to go Kristen!

Sunday was again nice and cool but so smokey we couldn’t see anything around us–it was as if the mountains had disappeared.  I wish it would rain and rain for several days all across the west, particularly in northern California!

Dinner with Lonn and the rest of the gang tonight–Laci and Lora head back to Germany soon:( .

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17 thoughts on “How Did I Ever Do A Daily Bloga

  1. Are those grouse? ……… I decided not to continue my blog over a year ago and what I miss most (besides hearing from folks who became friends over that time) is the daily “journal” that it provided of what was happening. But yes, they take a lot of time and effort.


  2. When we were in Austin I wanted to eat at one of their many food trucks. I decided on the grilled cheese one – the variety was crazy! I think mine had pear and prosciutto and was delicious 🙂 You never know….. Hope that smoke blows out soon, it’s becoming too much of a regular thing 😦 Those kiddos are so dang cute!


    1. I thought all the sandwiches sounded delicious but you know cowboys—meat and potatoes. Plus there were the prices and the Cowboy was not paying those prices for grilled cheese!!


  3. I love your blog and enjoy whatever you share with us. Fortunate you live in a beautiful area and have the on going saga with the Arizona house and property.
    That’s always interesting.
    Can’t believe you had to pass up those cheese sandwiches and go home and cook! Drats😏
    He sounds like he is worth it! Lol


  4. Grilled cheese with Brie and tomato sounds about perfect! Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea:) Congratulations to Kristen! That’s a nice size scholarship.
    Love when have photos of the little people!


  5. I’m agreeing with the Cowboy on Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Fast and For Someone Else just not me. I like that meat and potatoes idea!


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