Heat Wave

Nothing much happening here except trying to stay out of the heat.  Unfortunately, today the Cowboy had to venture out into the heat for a digging project–seems there is another water leak at the ranch Lonn manages.  I asked the Cowboy why there had been so many leaks this year and his answer, “lots of snow, ground is saturated and then moves.”–makes sense to me. He was home by noon.

Thursday we just puttered–I quilted in the cool of the basement and early in the morning the Cowboy went to install his latest metal work at the home of friends Nancy and Geoff.  These are decorative corner pieces for a porch railing-

Friday we did venture into town to check on Nat and attend the farmers market–my purchases consisted of tomatoes and one cookie.  The number of vendors is growing as are the crowds–I’m glad for Big Timber!

I’m trying to accumulate a few more steps each day and have started walking down the driveway to the country road several times a week–it’s one half mile downhill to the road and one half mile really uphill back to the house–I mean huffing and puffing uphill!  I usually take a camera and a gun–chokecherries are ripening so it’s bear season and it’s so hot the snakes are out.  These two sandhill cranes certainly voiced their displeasure with my disturbing their morning stroll.

Friday it was about 94 degrees, today will be about 98 degrees–we have one more hot day on the horizon then we cool back into the 80’s again.  Back to the basement for me today!

Our granddaughter Katie had a photographer friend come to the ranch not long ago–

13 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Sorry it has been so hot for you. We finally hit a few very nice days in the high 70’s and low 80’s with no humidity. Too bad we are in the mood to get this drive over with so we are only enjoying the weather with walks. Tomorrow the heat really hits as we will arrive in Boulder City.

    What beautiful family photos! I love the one of them coming down the road. You need that for your wall:)


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