We Can’t Complain

Yes, we’ve had some 90+ degree days but it’s been just a few.  Saturday we had an awesome high temp of 75 degrees and today we should only reach 70 degrees–I’m loving it!!!  My family in Arkansas is enduring high heat and humidity–as is lots of the country.

Life is just puttering along–Friday we went to Billings for a sorely needed haircut for me–I love my hairdresser, she is very young, 34 years old and has been cutting my hair since she was 20 years old–I’m hoping she cuts hair for a long time!!

When we go to Billings our days are full–not as full as when the Cowboy was working full time and we had to make stops at the electrical supply warehouse, the plumbing supply warehouse, etc.  But our Billings days are still full so anything I can do to reduce stops is a godsend.  Have you tried the Walmart Grocery app and Walmart pickup?? I am in love!!  I sat in the comfort of my chair with my phone and shopped–you can purchase anything the store you are using has in stock–even sliced deli meat, fresh produce, dairy products, etc.  With the app, you create your list and pay using a credit card.  You can add to the list until about 10 hours before your scheduled pickup time.  You chose a pickup time in one hour increments–ours was between 11am and 12pm.  The app is supposed to allow you to “check in” when you are on your way but that feature wasn’t working on Friday.  Instead, we just drove up to the pickup area of the Walmart in Billings and called the number on the sign–in just a few minutes a lady came out with our groceries and other items.  Our cold stuff was all in two separate bags for easy transfer to our coolers.  Done in FIVE minutes!!!  We hadn’t been to Walmart in over a month so my list was long–it would have taken me at least 45 minutes to shop/checkout, maybe longer.  I’m in love!!

We spend time at Nat’s–today we are the relief crew for the caretakers–Barb went to Billings for the day so we will stay with Nat until she returns.

Can you pick watermelons?  I’m a good watermelon picker–my grandfather Idus raised watermelons for sale and he taught us how to pick a good one.  Each summer I usually have about a 95% success rate and I find it’s all in the “thump.”  I do look for watermelons with a yellow spot and brown vein-y lines running from the yellow spot indicating the watermelon has sat on the ground long enough to ripen.  But I find if the “thump” is right, the watermelon is perfectly ripe.  The “thump” with your index finger should sound hollow, not solid and flat.  We purchased two watermelons–I LOVE watermelon–on Friday and the one I’ve sliced is delicious–sweet, sweet!

11 thoughts on “We Can’t Complain

  1. Bless your heart! I’ve often wondered what I was listening for when I thump on a watermelon. It’s one of those things I love and never seem to get enough of. Tomorrow I’m thumping for the perfect melon.


  2. It really has been beautiful this summer. We had a storm go through last night and cooled us down to 48 over night. However, 100 by Friday. We make our list for our weekly trip to Helena. Have never tried the Walmart app. Think I need to do that.


    1. We had 39 degrees this morning–it was fabulous!! And the Walmart app isn’t available everywhere–I should have said that–it isn’t available at our favorite store, the one in Laurel.


  3. Give my 70’s any day!! The grocery pickup sounds like a great time saver, and crowd avoider. But I do like to pick out my own produce. And now I may attempt a watermelon 🙂 Love your deer!!


  4. Yes but if you don’t go in the store you miss all the Walmartians. I thumped a watermelon with a hammer once…..didn’t work. Anything between 50 and 70 degrees works fine with me. I really like that last Deer photo. You did good, Grasshopper.


    1. WOW–that’s pretty good praise from the best blogger photographer! I’m with you Al, if we could find a place where the temps were between 50 and 70 degrees all the time we would move in a heartbeat!


  5. I keep forgetting to mention how much I like your header picture. I looked it up and viewed different water flows…Cool!


    1. Thanks David–Natural Bridge is just miles from our house and it’s beautiful no matter what time of year–but it’s the most stunning in early spring during high water. Did you also read about the guy who went over the falls in a kayak a few years back–he survived!


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