Smokey Skies

We’ve been fortunate to have no smoke so far this summer–that all changed Wednesday and today has been even worse.  The powers that be tell us the smoke is coming from fires in California and Oregon.  Smokey skies also increase our all ready warm temperatures–it was 94 degrees in Big Timber today.

 No Crazy Mountains visible this morning and a “normal” day photograph of the Crazies below.

No West Boulder mountains visible–if you squint at the photo you can barely see the outline of the mountains.  The below photo is the West Boulder mountains on a “normal” day.

I’m a big believer in birthday celebrations–Tuesday it was our friend Jill’s birthday–Jeane, Jill and I drove to Red Lodge to spend the day shopping and having lunch.  We even took a birthday cake with us–

Wednesday had the Cowboy heading to Lonn’s for more digging–the addition to Katie and Michael’s house is coming along he said.  I stayed home–it was chore day–vacuuming, cooking, laundry, etc.  I did manage to escape to the cool basement for a bit of quilting on Jeane’s adorable little quilt.

Today it was back to town–the Cowboy thought he had fixed Nat’s dryer over the weekend but nope–the fix didn’t hold.  Check your dryer hose and if your dryer is located in the interior of your house, check the pipe which vents the dryer hose to the outside.  Nat’s was almost completely plugged which meant the Cowboy had to spend time under the house in the crawl space–ugh!! He replaced the pipe then we installed the used dryer we found in town–all is well in laundry land now at Nat’s house.

The Cowboy’s daughter Shannen and granddaughter Kristen came from Billings to visit Nat today and we enjoyed having lunch with them.

Here’s hoping for a reprieve from the heat and smoke–I can always hope, right!

As of August 1, I can no longer automatically link the blog to my Facebook profile.  Thank you so much Facebook.  It’s OK–Facebook wants you to create a “page” and would eventually start charging you if the “page” receives too much traffic.  Instead, I will just use another step and insert a link to the blog in a Facebook post on my “page.”




8 thoughts on “Smokey Skies

  1. Wow! Your photos really show the contrast and how bad the smoke is. I sure hope things clear out by September. And let’s hope that all you get is a little smoke from CA and OR!! Hope it cools down for you.


    1. It is horrible and we hope things clear out by Friday! 🙂 After I posted the blog last night we had wind, a little rain and the temps dropped to tolerable. We can see the mountains this morning–hazy but at least not obscured!


  2. Larry wants to know if Mike is digging the hole by hand? he started this project when we left you guys. LOL is he getting paid by the hour LOL!! ☺😁


    1. LOL–yes, he is getting paid by the hour but yesterday really wasn’t digging, it was back filling and he was home by mid afternoon. And remember, the big backhoe is in Arizona! 🙂


  3. That cake is beautiful! (almost) too pretty to cut into! Can you smell the smoke in the air? It looks so dense…


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