Change Of Pace

I’m thinking today, Monday, was the first day I haven’t driven to Big Timber, Columbus or Livingston in two weeks.  Sunday I relieved the night time nurse aide at noon and spent the rest of the afternoon with Nat until his roomie, Barb came home from her weekend away.

While I should have been doing things such as vacuuming/laundry we took a run up to Moccasin Lake in the CanAm.  It was a beautiful Monday–high 70’s, a little breeze–perfect day for an ATV ride.  Enjoyed every minute–the smell of evergreen and wildflowers, butterflies everywhere, sunshine and the grasses are still green.

They grow cherries in Montana–do you find that surprising??–I did but later learned the climate around Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana is conducive for growing excellent cherries.  A local young woman has an uncle who owns a cherry tree orchard near Flathead Lake.  Every year she takes orders for 18 pound boxes of cherries for $40–we picked up our cherries Saturday afternoon–they are outstanding as usual!! And yes, we manage to eat the whole box–they really keep well in the refrigerator!

This pretty boy was hanging out in our hay field one morning last week.

Nat had a good day–the four hour per day caretakers started this morning.  The woman who came today, Nikki, is a native of our community.  She and Nat had lots to discuss! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Change Of Pace

      1. Hmmmm…..perhaps you could record his stories. I’m sure all your family members would love to hear them – even the wee ones when they’re old enough to appreciate them!


  1. What gorgeous country you live in. The antlers on the buck are outstanding.

    Glad to hear that Nat is doing well and able to stay, with care, in his home. Your efforts will always be remembered with love.

    This comes from a stranger that just reads your blog, but we all at some point go thru these types of situations and can relate to what is going on. Take care.


  2. You and Michael certainly needed and deserved a day away to let all thoughts go. Looks and sounds like a perfect day to commune with nature. I sure am missing those wide open spaces. Seeing the pretty wildflowers along the interstate isn’t getting it! That is one gorgeous buck in the hay field. Hope all works out well for Nat and his care givers. I am sure he is much happier staying in his own home.


  3. A perfect balance rarely happens and I am proud of you and the Cowboy. I’m glad all worked out with Nat being cared for and thanks for taking us along on the ride through the countryside.


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