Progress Of Sorts

It’s been an incredibly busy, hard week but there’s always a glorious sunset to make the days brighter.  Some areas of Montana and Wyoming have had severe thunderstorms with high winds and golf ball sized hail–in our area we’ve just had wind and a little rain.

On Wednesday we met with the home health agency–what a fabulous group of women–and one of that group came Friday at 8pm to spend the night with Nat.  Barb has been holding down the fort and doing well but she had planned an overnight trip this weekend when our plan had been to admit Nat to the nursing home.  We didn’t want Barb to cancel her plans so we punted–the home health agency stepped up to the plate for last minute help and the Cowboy and I are doing the rest.  The home health aides will start Monday coming for four hours every day.

On Thursday I took Nat to the doctor at our local clinic for an issue brought on by constantly sitting–Nat does not sleep in a bed, he sleeps sitting in a recliner.  The doctor wanted the wound care nurse from the nursing home to call us and for the occupational therapist to contact us.  No calls on Thursday, no calls on Friday and now it’s the weekend.  Nat was in pain so I took matters into my own registered nurse hands–I called my dear friend Jane who has more recent actual nursing experience than I do and started trying to find the products she recommended.  Nope, Amazon to the rescue but the stuff won’t be delivered until Tuesday.

Nat loves milkshakes and as he is eating very little we try to have him eat/drink stuff he really likes–I made a stop at our local pharmacy/soda fountain for milkshakes.  While waiting I strolled the aisles and talked to the pharmacy technician–we came up with a plan–and I purchased items for Nat’s issue.  Came home, applied my fix and for the first time in days Nat was pain free, sitting comfortably, and was more alert.  See, old nurses never forget!

Back to Nat’s today–the night nurse aide is staying until noon and we will take over until another aide comes at 8pm tonight.  We fill our time talking to Nat, the Cowboy did some weed whacking and I did some major cleaning.

And another bright spot–I entered my Winter Solstice quilt in our local 4H county fair–




16 thoughts on “Progress Of Sorts

  1. Wow oh Wow. I was thinking about Nat and then your quilt hit my eyes and Bam! What an amazing wondrous quilting masterpiece. The quilt front was fun, but when I saw the back,….just wow. And now, back to being thankful that you can do something for Nat that is helpful for him. Hard stuff, but glad that things seems to be working out for his care.


    1. Thanks so much Sue–that quilt has a story, it was a quilt along from Paulette Doyle’s blog–remember her? I purchased all my fabrics and was ready to go back in 2014 when my mother decided to fall asleep at the wheel in Yellowstone Park–plowing her truck into a pile of rocks at 45 miles per hour. Taking care of mom while she recuperated was a full time job–no sewing for a while and I missed the quilt along. But mom recovered and went home to Arkansas so the story has a happy ending and I finished the quilt eventually!


  2. So glad you were able to meet Nat’s needs all the way around. He is blessed to have such a loving family.
    Your quilt is beautiful! Wonderful work, Janna:) Thanks for sharing the back which is so pretty in its own way.


  3. I’m Nat is so grateful for your persistence in resolving his pain! He’s lucky to have you close by. It’s also wonderful that there’s support in such a small community. Congrats on your ribbon – the quilt is so pretty!


  4. So wonderful that you could be the source for some relief for Nat. Are the services the Dr. suggested from the nursing home the same one you went to visit? If so it just adds reinforcement to your decision to keep him in his home.
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!


    1. Thanks Janice and no, the services would come from our local Big Timber, MT nursing home which unfortunately has no open beds–that’s why we went the route we did in seeking a bed in another town.


  5. I believe I see a blue ribbon on that quilt…. congratulations! The quilt is beautiful! Glad you could make Nat more comfortable…. this growing old business is the pits!


  6. Glad Nat has good care. Hope his end-of-life plans are all in place. When all they eat is liquids, their world gets really small. Happened to my Dad. Best Wishes.


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