What A Day

But let’s talk about something fun first–eight years ago today we had a fabulous wedding and party–our granddaughter Katie married Michael.

Six years later they had this sweet/funny little guy–

then just 10 months ago this chubby, sweet, adorable little girl came along–and she is trying to walk at 10 months.

I’m thinking she likes her food!

Laci and Lora are here and Aunt Katie is trying to make a cowgirl out of Lora–

Now let’s talk about our day–yesterday I called the administrator of the current in the running nursing home.  To say the least I wasn’t impressed–he was so busy, he had so many meetings, he had been on vacation for two weeks–and couldn’t meet with me yesterday–Monday.  So, I scheduled an appointment with him at 10am today, Tuesday.  The Cowboy and I drove over to Livingston after leaving Emmi with Nat and Barb.  The administrator was a no show–can you believe that?????  Who in their right mind would throw away that kind of money–the business office lady had told me they have 115 beds and only 50 of them are occupied at this time.  We are talking six figures per year buster!!!  Good grief!!

So–now we are on a totally different track–the no show guy made our decision easier by far!  The Cowboy and I were struggling after my visits to the nursing homes–no one wants to put a loved one in most of those places.  Several months ago on Facebook I surveyed our community about available home health care options.  One name kept cropping up–a newer, non hospital affiliated agency which had personnel in Big Timber.  I actually even called them but our family member’s choice was the nursing home. We have a good friend who uses this agency to provide 24 hour care for her mother in her own home–Sarah raves about them.

The Cowboy and I made a choice for our family member today. For the time being he is going to stay in his own home with his roommate/caretaker and have daily home health care at a cost not even close to what the nursing home would charge.  And I would bet much better care!

Throughout all this struggle there have been bright spots–Nat has lived in this community since he was three years old–everyone knows him.  The local bank sent two ladies to his home this week to notarize paperwork.  Today his attorney made a house call to complete paperwork.  I love our community!

So, that’s our day–life is still good.

12 thoughts on “What A Day

  1. Fortunately, you can assist with making a sound decision. We kept Mom home and I am sure that decision contributed to her longevity.


    1. Nat is highly independent and makes his own decisions–we just helped with this one! We’ve wanted to keep him at home but some how just couldn’t get the “how to” picture across–we did today–all is good!


  2. I like the decision you and Michael came to. If the administrator at the nursing behaved that way, I can only imagine what the care is like. Glad those adorable great grandchildren are keeping you smiling.


  3. I imagine that Nat will be much happier at home than in a home. Although, do you suppose he was wanting company? Even with all you do for him maybe he was worried about being lonely. In home care should be good for that too. Darling kiddos!


  4. This isn’t the only nursing home I’ve heard where the administrator is abrupt. My friends in an assisted living apartment go through about 1 a year – turnover is high. I wonder if they hire business people for that position? I would think an RN, PA, or MD with a minor in business would be better – more ‘people oriented’.
    Ah well – you made a decision that everyone is happy with in the long run. Forget those problems & enjoy your family time!
    ~ Linda K.


    1. I would think a nursing home administrator has a thank less job–I wouldn’t want it but it’s no excuse for the way he treated us. We are hoping we can continue as we are.


  5. No matter how you arrived at it, having made the decision I’m sure it feels great to have it done. Unbelievable that idiot stood you up! Katie has a darling family 🙂


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