Life Has Been Busy

Busy and difficult.  We are in the midst of making some difficult decisions about a loved one’s care and it’s taking all the time we have.  Life is not only busy at times but very hard!

Since we’ve been home from our little RV/ATV adventure we have been on the go.  Last Saturday we unpacked the truck camper and took the camper off the truck.  Sunday the Cowboy worked on the equipment he would need for the coming week and I puttered–made a huge batch of chicken enchiladas–YUM!

Monday the Cowboy headed to Lonn’s–they are adding an addition to Katie and Michael’s home on the ranch–Grandpa was the chief “digger.”  The Cowboy went to Lonn’s every day this week–big project!

I’ve spent many hours on the road this week–I’ve been to town and towns beyond town every day this week to research nursing home/long term care options.  My car could probably drive the Boulder Road without me these days!

Friday afternoon the Cowboy came home early and we once again drove to Big Timber (second trip for me). We had some bank business to do and it was the inaugural Friday evening farmers market for our community.  Vendors, fresh veggies, plants, baked goods, music and food.  Lots of people attended this first time event and it was fun to see friends and neighbors!

The Cowboy was cooking Friday evening (as in he was taking me out to dinner!) and we knew Lonn and the gang were also in town.  We joined the rest of the family at the Grand–one of my most favorite places to eat–and had a wonderful evening!  Six adults and three munchkins–there was the potential for chaos but all went well and we even ate in the fancy dining room!  Laci and Lora are home from Germany and this was the first time we had seen them.  The Cowboy’s great uncles owned the Grand Hotel back in the late 1800’s, losing the hotel by betting it on a horse race!

Today–Saturday–the Cowboy worked on our cattle guards–some of the rails were bent and needed welding.  I sprayed two tanks of weed spray and I’m done, finished, will do no more spraying of weeds this season!

And that is life here in Montana this week–

12 thoughts on “Life Has Been Busy

  1. Thoughts are with you as you seek a good home. My Mom was fortunate to be in a caring home and I hope the same applies to your situation. 💕


  2. Makes me tired just thinking of all you’re up to. Love that Michael has such long and fun history in that beautiful area. Wonderful to get together with family who has been so far away. Hope they’re here for a good long visit! I know how draining – physically and emotionally – it can be to make that search and prepare for those changes. Hugs to you and Michael and Nat.


  3. Really wonderful to have extended family history, very enriching. Wishing you the best in your search. Not always easy, I know, but I love your life, Janna


    1. I love my life too Sue–many, many years ago I would wake in the mornings and almost wonder where I was–it was so quiet, where was the bustle of the operating room, where were those surgeons always yelling at me–I had to pinch myself. My life has only gotten better in the years since then. This isn’t an easy phase but we will cope.


  4. Thinking of you and Michael as you make this difficult decision. Sounds like a super busy week for both you. What a sweet reward to have a family dinner that included those three cuties:) Life is good.


  5. Had to make that decision for Mom’s care a while back. Luckily a very nice care facility is three blocks from my house so I get to see her a couple times a day. And the staff knows I am close so it keeps them on their toes. Best wishes to you all on these tough decisions.


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