More On Our Adventure From Last Week

July 10-11, 2018

Tuesday morning at 8am it was 82 degrees at our BLM Horseshoe Bend campsite.  We found lots of horses at higher elevation where the grass was still lush and green and the temps were much cooler.  

We visited the small ice cave where we just peered inside and felt the cool air.  If you want to view the larger room of this ice cave you have to crawl on your hands and knees a short distance over the ice–not in my plans–I’m not crazy about caves as it is much less one which necessitates a crawl! 

It was a shorter day/ride on Tuesday and we were back at the RVs before 3pm.  Geri and Larry suggested dinner out–OK by us–the restaurant was air conditioned! After dinner we took a drive to a spot which overlooks the canyons of the Big Horn Lake–awesome!!!  The next two photos were taken with my iPhone–the canyon photo looks good, the big horn sheep were at some distance so that photo isn’t so great but we were thrilled to see those little guys!

Wednesday Geri and Larry pulled out first and headed for the Wild Horse Range Visitor Center where they were treated to a wealth of information about all the horses–very knowledgeable volunteers!  If you want to take a tour of the range, a volunteer from this visitors center takes a jeep tour up onto the range every day.  The road is rough and there are signs warning the road is not recommended for travel via passenger vehicles.  With that said, we saw pickup trucks and SUVs plus ATVs and jeeps.

We followed behind Larry and Geri, dumping our tanks at the provided dump station and meeting up with them at the grocery store.  Onward–destination–cooler temperatures!!

Lunch was in Belfry, Montana–can you guess the high school mascot for this sleepy little town??  On to Red Lodge, Montana, just a short drive up the mountain from Belfry.  All the USFS campgrounds south of Red Lodge are older with tight spaces.  Both rigs would have fit in two of those campgrounds but there were no sites even though it was only Wednesday.  These campgrounds use the Reserve America reservation system and you don’t want to get me started about that can of worms!!  There is a free campground near the formal campgrounds–just an open lot about 3 acres in size–grass/rocks/gravel located right along roaring Rock Creek.  Park anywhere, struggle to get level kind of campground.  We both found spots and were semi level. 🙂

We all slept so well that night–cool temps, windows open, no noisy air conditioners!

Thursday morning we were off on another adventure–more on that in the next blog!


4 thoughts on “More On Our Adventure From Last Week

  1. Thank you for the tour guide of an amazing trip! It’s nice to have narration along the way. Up on the mt. Where they mined, they got carbonite, for WW2, ammunition!


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