An Adventure

We are off–new and old trails are waiting.  It’s HOT in Montana–too hot for ATV riding–but we are going to make it work.  We can ride early in the mornings going to higher elevations and chill in the shade each afternoon.  We can take an air conditioned car tour–we will just make it work.

I’m thinking internet service will be spotty so blog posts will occur when we have internet.

Do you know about Wi-Fi calling???  We didn’t–but now we do and it’s fabulous!!!  We recently purchased an older, used four wheeler type ATV to use as a weed spraying rig–I had to learn all over again how to use my foot for shifting from one gear to the next–that’s how old this ATV is.  The Cowboy called the number in the ad and the ATV happened to be owned by someone we knew–an old family friend.  This friend has a cabin up the Boulder and was talking to us on his cell phone–not possible with cell tower service–there are NO cell towers which reach the canyons of the Boulder.  John told us about Wi-Fi calling–he has an android telephone, enables Wi-Fi calling on his phone and can use his cellphone via his home Wi-Fi.

John later sent me a link about how to set up Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone which is what we have.  Simple to set up and works like a charm!!  We have a booster which sits on the kitchen counter and could receive texts and make calls–sometimes!–but only if you stood/sat right there by the booster.  Now our cellphone rings/calls/receives and sends text from anywhere in the house–just so we are in range of our home Wi-Fi router.  The iPhone doesn’t work in my quilting studio in the basement–too many walls between it and the router.

When I enabled Wi-Fi calling a warning popped up–if you are using Wi-Fi calling 911 locating will not work and you are asked to enter your address.

Emmi with her summer haircut.

4 thoughts on “An Adventure

  1. Do you have a link for WiFi calling?…I too live in the boonies and no cell service…I have to drive 5 miles downriver to get a bar-n-1/2…
    I do have a land line, but it is a rip-off @ $40. a month for nothing..2x my electric bill..


    1. Here is a link for Apple phones– You have to have wifi which we have with our land line–it’s DSL and very fast. The Cowboy’s son has Hughes satellite internet and can use wifi calling but he has a lag when talking. We have no lag and can also send and receive texts.


      1. Thanks, I also have Hughes, I’ll have to ask them how to do it..
        My brother was visiting from Seattle last year and he sat here texting away and I couldn’t figure out how.
        I’m the oldest of 6, he just treats me as if I was from the 1800’s when it comes to tech stuff…In a brotherly way..:+)….
        I have the other phone,,,,,…..I also lag a little bit, so no problem….


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