It’s So Good To Seem Them

They are here, Larry and Geri that is–can you see little Emmi’s head thrown back–she was “talking” and was so glad to see the two of them as were we–it’s been a while!

We’ve spent the day catching up, cooking and eating–I made the best dinner if I do say so myself!  Flank steak with rosemary and garlic and Pioneer Woman smashed potatoes.  We also enjoyed a fabulous salad made with lettuce from the garden given to Geri and Larry by North Ranch friends who live near Townsend, Montana–their last camping/riding location.  All the food was so, so good!

After dinner we took a walk where we ran into some prehistoric critters–

The sandhills were quite vocal and didn’t fly off at our approach making us think maybe they had a youngster stashed.

Back home, it was time for dessert–homemade strawberry ice cream–oh, my!!

There may or may not be ATV riding in the near future!–hitched up and ready to go.

Tuesday we went in to Big Timber and took lunch to Nat.  We had a very quiet July 4, just the three of us.  The Cowboy puttered and I loaded some things into the truck camper.  Late in the afternoon Wednesday we received Geri’s text saying they would arrive Thursday–yippee!

The last few days sunsets have been gorgeous.  We have so enjoyed our cooler/rainy weather but are thinking it’s about to end–hot days are in the forecast. 😦

2 thoughts on “It’s So Good To Seem Them

  1. Love Emmi letting everyone know she is thrilled to see her friends:) Hope you are heading out for an ATV trip!! Beautiful sunset. We finally had a front move through and have a break in our humidity which rewarded us with a nice sunset, too.


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