Quilts And Kids and Sunset

While we were still in Arizona I received an email from Sue of the blog MoHo Travels.  Sue is a quilter and asked if I would be willing to longarm a quilt top for her.  We emailed back and forth and a plan was hatched.  Once I was back in Montana with the longarm, Sue mailed me her gorgeous One Block Wonder quilt top.  We hit a few snags but the quilt if finished and mailed to Sue.  On Saturday I received one of the kindest emails I’ve ever had singing the praises of my quilting skills.  Thank you so much Sue for letting me be your quilter.


We live in the wild west and the 4th of July is widely celebrated all across the state–this afternoon was the Livingston Rodeo parade and it looks as if our kiddos were ready–

Brooks, Millie and Lora who with her Mom Laci arrived last Wednesday from Germany.

After our busy weekend we were couch potatoes on Sunday–well I was–the Cowboy tackled a brain hurting project! My iPad would no longer hold a charge–it’s about 5 years old.  So, the Cowboy watched some videos, ordered a new battery and started working yesterday–he changed the battery in our iPhone about a year ago and it’s working very well.

Unfortunately this project wasn’t as successful–it’s a bit harder to change the battery in an iPad.  The iPad is kaput, dead, done and a new one is on the way.  I use the iPad a lot–I read books on the Kindle app, I have all my recipes stored in Dropbox and can access these with the iPad–it’s a handy little tablet and I wouldn’t want to be without one.  The Cowboy has the larger iPad but I find it too heavy to use for reading???

We have one peony blossom and many more to come–one of my favorite flowers!

Here’s a story for you which came up this weekend during the Cowboy’s class reunion.  The Cowboy’s Dad had purchased some land near the family ranch and new fencing was needed.  The Cowboy and his friend Royal were instructed to dig a bunch of fence post holes but found the ground hard as a rock.  So–they went to town and purchased dynamite!!!!  They cut each stick into four pieces, attached a cap and primer cord to each piece, dropped the pieces into the fence post holes and ran like crazy.  The Cowboy said it worked blowing large holes in the ground which required scrounging for dirt in order to set the posts.  It’s a wonder any of those guys lived past their teens!!

Beautiful sunset last night–

We are invited to dinner at Joe and Tammy’s–I’m taking a rhubarb crisp and homemade ice cream–can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “Quilts And Kids and Sunset

  1. Yum! Homemade ice cream! Jim and I like Dutch Bros frappes but driving 180 miles round trip for one is a chore. So..I am going to use my Cuisinart ice cream maker to make them with BigTrain mocha mix. You can take the girl out of the coffee house but you can’t take the barista out of the girl! 😁 Happy Fourth!


    1. I love homemade ice cream unfortunately for my waist line! I’m sure that’s why I’m such a coffee snob–when I owned the store in Big Timber we had an espresso counter and made great coffees–it was my favorite part of owning the store.


  2. Love the colors in Sue’s quilt. The little ones are adorable in the wagon:) Why does Michael have on a vest and long sleeves!! I can’t imagine it as we literally bake over in PA. Your first peony is beautiful. I love them, the ants not so much. Glad Michael made it out of his teens to tell his tales! Great sunset!


    1. Michael always wears a long sleeve shirt no matter what the temp, I’ve never seen him in a short sleeve shirt. Our high temp Monday was 72 degrees but by Friday we are creeping up into the low 90’s–we’ve had a good run this year of great temps. We won’t have the humidity you are experiencing but it will still be hot. Those guys were crazy in their teens, early twenties! 🙂


  3. Hi folks, I’m an avid follower for a long time & really appreciate your property endeavours,beautiful locations & especially your blog.So, my 5 yr iPad died & took to an Apple store where they offered a new pad the same for an exchange of $150Cdn- bet you would do better.Also, since I do read an awful lot,I joined my local library & via Overdrive always have 10 books on the go at no charge- better than Amazon.All the very best,reared boater & RVer,Alan J


    1. Wow–thanks for following along with us, we love hearing from readers! In hindsight it would have been smarter to try getting the iPad replaced from Apple–but as you have probably read, the Cowboy is usually successful with his repairs–this repair just didn’t work. I also read a lot and have used our local library and Overdrive for a long time. This past season in AZ I signed up for a Pima County/Tucson library card and now have access to many more books–it’s the best deal ever!


  4. All teenage boys feel they are “10 feet tall and bullet proof!”. That is a beautiful quilt and I love Peonies. Grandkids are so precious, glad your little gal gets to come back from overseas often. My farmguy always wears long sleeves, it has to do with growing up hauling hay and milking cows and all the what not they did back in the day when you did more farming/ranching by hand than sitting in a tractor.


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