Outer Banks, North Carolina

View from the house
Our house was the one on the left–photo taken from the rear.  The house to the right of ours looked to be identical.  

Mom, my sister Ann, my niece Niki and my two great nieces Elizabeth and Leah joined me in Waves, North Carolina for a week of sun, sand, sightseeing and being together.  The house we rented for the week was absolutely perfect–the two teenagers shared a bedroom with bunk beds and a bath.  The adults each had their own bedroom and bathroom.  The living/dining/kitchen was on the third floor of the house so as to take advantage of the water view.  The elevator was great for mom as she doesn’t navigate stairs well.  We cooked all but one of our own meals and the kitchen was great–Ann and Niki are also good cooks so we didn’t lack for calories!  One night we purchased seafood and did a low country boil–crabs, shrimp, clams and sausage–it was delicious!

The house came complete with kayaks, life jackets, paddle boards and beach chairs and a pool/hot tub which we really enjoyed.

 Leah Niki and LeahElizabeth

We spent some hours on the beach enjoying the sun and waves–

And we went out at night looking for ghost crabs–I was coerced into going the second night and good grief there were a lot of those crabs scurrying everywhere!  The girls couldn’t stop laughing at me with my screeching and screaming–just walking along you would see these two little black eyes in the sand peering up at you–they were everywhere!

Everyone but mom signed on to climb the Hatteras Island lighthouse–I climbed about ten steps and realized I couldn’t do it–my fear of heights reared its head.  Ann and Leah made it to the top, Elizabeth and Niki almost to the top.

Mom and Ann

One day we took the ferry to Ocracoke Island, did a bit of touring, had a great lunch on the pier and took the ferry back.  Friends Greg and Rose Lyn are work camping at a campground on Hatteras Island–we stopped in and surprised them when we returned to the island.

Mom found her name on a street sign on Ocracoke Island!

The brave paddle boarders. They were brave until Niki saw a snake. While searching the internet trying to identify the snake she read that there were several types of sharks in the waters of the sound–that was the end of the paddle boarding. 🙂

But the best entertainment was watching the kite sailing from our dock and deck.  It is considered a dangerous sport and before outfitters will sell you the equipment you must become certified.  The wind never stops in the bay making it a prime locations for the kite sailing.  Every day the outfitters would use jet skies to drag the jumps out into the bay.  They would also use the jet skies to help first timers learn the ropes so to speak.  These guys are flying as they ski along behind the sail creating their own wake.

Two nights brought thunderstorms, lightening, thunder and rain–making for nice sunsets.  See the lamb in the clouds??

On perhaps the hottest day (90 degrees) we visited the Wright Brothers National Monument.  Like all our national parks and monuments this one was very crowded.

After two long days of driving the family is back in Arkansas.  I flew home on Saturday–the Cowboy and Emmi were so glad to see me as I was them.  We had a spectacular vacation–I’ve always wanted to see the Outer Banks–I’m a huge fan of Pat Conroy’s books which were all set in the Outer Banks.  But, we never expected the heat and humidity.  It was incredibly hot and very, very humid–nasty humid–the breeze which was ever present was even hot and sticky feeling!  I had a very early flight out of Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday and when I left the house at 3am, the temperature was 83 degrees and the humidity was thick–that’s just not living as our friend Jim says!!  Saturday evening I walked Emmi wearing a jacket–much better!

14 thoughts on “Outer Banks, North Carolina

  1. Great pictures as always! Looks like a beautiful place and a wonderful time. Such memories you made there!


  2. Great photos Jenna and it looks like you guys had a good time together minus the heat and humidity. Lots of fun times for you guys. Glad you got a chance to be with them


    1. I too regretted we were so close and didn’t get to see each other but I totally understood. Getting together with all of us would have just been too much for you–next time! Is it always that hot and humid at the beach in the Outer Banks???


  3. The memories from this vacation will be
    precious to you forever. Nice pictures!
    I’m sure you were greatly missed.


  4. Beautiful beach house for your girls get together. Watching the wind surfers is great fun. But you did have a very hot, humid week. I can’t stand that constant feeling of wet skin when you’re outside. I always feel so tired. But it sounds like you made the best of it and enjoyed your family time:)


  5. Fabulous pics. Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! Makes me want to plan a girls getaway – as long as a couple good cooks come along 🙂 I’m sure hoping that humidity and heat are gone when we get over there in October, everyone is saying it’s really bad this year. Love the sunset with the kite.


    1. I would have preferred the Outer Banks in October but when you have teenagers that isn’t possible–school. For us, cooking is part of the fun–we southern women do know how to cook and eat!


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