More Busy Days

Hey, anybody in there??

Red-naped sapsucker (and I’m not making up that name!!)  I took these photos through the window so they aren’t the clearest.  

Yesterday and today have just been busy–chores, packing, baking and making food for the Cowboy to eat while I am gone.  He can cook but usually chooses not to.  When I traveled for a living I would make meals for him and come home to find most of the food still in the refrigerator.  He would rather eat popcorn and ice cream! 🙂  So, now I just cook easy foods such as taco meat and tortillas.  I make sure he has plenty of ice cream in the freezer, too! 🙂

My suitcase is packed–it was so heavy when I lifted it off the bed that I weighed it and was relieved to see it only weighs 39 pounds.  I’m taking some food stuffs–remember the Italian cooking class I took–the lasagna sauce was so tasty I purchased a bottle of it at the Copper Moose in Livingston on Wednesday and will be making lasagna one night while we are in North Carolina.  The rest of the gang left Arkansas this afternoon.

The Cowboy’s truck ABS light started illuminating all the time.  Being the “Mr. Fix-It” that he is he researched the problem and ordered a part–no more warning light.  He’s also been working on a “drop hitch” for the truck–the new cargo trailer we purchased on Monday sits lower than anything else we own.

The columbine are stunning this year–I love these flowers, the deer don’t usually bother columbine–a great flower bed filler in Montana!

I’ve decided not to take my laptop so there won’t be any blog posts for a week–I’m taking a break and I’m going to enjoy this time with my family.

9 thoughts on “More Busy Days

  1. Love your little visitor:) The columbine are beautiful. I so enjoy finding them on the trail. Purple is my favorite. Have a great trip. Glad you are leaving your computer home:)


  2. You need to buy him popcorn flavor ice cream and then he can only dirty One Bowl. LOL have a great time with your family Jana


  3. You are so lucky to still have family. Enjoy your time there with them as I’m sure they will also enjoy time with you!


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