Busy Days

I’m thinking I’ve scheduled way too much for one week!!  Sunday we were gone all day to the wild horse range, Monday we were in Billings.  The Cowboy saw the dermatologist and we did a little shopping.

Tuesday morning bright and early had Emmi and me heading to Big Timber–Emmi was getting her teeth cleaned.  What a strange day that was–she had to be anesthetized and intubated so she spent most of the day at the clinic.  It was a lonely, quiet day around our house and there was one excited little dog when I walked into the clinic Tuesday afternoon.  She now is sporting a very interesting “do!”  Seems they had trouble starting the IV and had to shave both front legs–

poor baby!

Today friends joined me and we drove to Livingston to have lunch with Gwen, a long time friend who we’ve not seen in over a year–we had a great day, lunch/breakfast was outstanding–I had eggs Benedict which were scrumptious.  We had a little retail therapy and headed back to Big Timber.

So, you see, I’ve been busy–to town four days in a row is unusual for me and I’ve got lots to do at home!  Saturday I am getting on an airplane flying to North Carolina to spend a week with my Mom, sister Ann, niece Niki and Niki’s two daughters Elizabeth and Leah.  We’ve rented a house on the beach and we all are so excited–a girl’s trip–can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Love the photo of the mountains all snow capped. Lovely! I’m glad to hear you did find a place in NC and are soon off for your girls get away. Hope the weather is pleasant and the humidity stays down. Where did you end up finding a place?


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