Glorious Spring Days

We’ve been busy–I’m sure you all say, “and what else is new???”  Thursday a trip to Billings was on the agenda–hair cut for me and errands.  Emmi spent the day with Nat.

Friday and Saturday morning were spent weed spraying–UGH!  There are few flat spots on this small ranch so weed spraying means climbing up and down hills.  At least I’m not spraying using a back pack sprayer–we have a 15 gallon tank which rides in the “trunk” of the CanAm.  Attached to the tank is probably 25+ feet of hose so I can park the rig and climb up and down using the spray wand and hose.  The pump located on the tank provides good pressure allowing me to really shoot the spray a long distance–it’s still very hard work!

I spent Friday afternoon on the lawnmower–mowing along the driveway all the way down to the county road, mowing our walking paths and then the yard.  Whew!

Friday evening we joined Lonn, Katie, Michael and the two munchkins–Brooks and Millie for dinner over in Emmigrant which is a small spot along the highway between Livingston and Yellowstone Park.  Lonn’s vehicle will hold all of us including two car seats.  On the way over I got to sit beside Brooks and hear him call me Mimi–wonderful!  The restaurant is an outdoor, place your order at the counter, buy your alcohol if you chose at another counter and sit at picnic tables kind of place.  Last night the band was a touch too loud for all our tastes–it was too hard to talk.  And there were about 10,000 mosquitoes for each person–I kid you not–I was sooooooo glad to see containers of bug spray provided free of charge by the restaurant.  The food was great!! and we left room for ice cream at Mark’s In and Out in Livingston.  I really, really wanted to post the photo I took of Brooks enjoying his ice cream cone but I won’t cause his mom stress! 🙂   A special evening and we were glad to have been invited!!  These two children are cuter by the day!

There is more digging going on today–the Cowboy left mid morning heading to Lonn’s–another water leak.  In addition to weed spraying I gave the CanAm and Emmi a bath–adventures are on the horizon!

When we returned to Lonn’s last night this little guy was sitting in Katie and Michael’s driveway–

7 thoughts on “Glorious Spring Days

  1. Cute kids, cute fox! Mosquitoes. ugh. We had so many at Rocky Point, the east side of the Cascades is notorious for the little buggers. I don’t miss them at all here in Grants Pass! We can sit on the porch all evening without covering ourselves with bad stuff. By the way…you can mention your “customer” if you want to. 🙂


    1. We can usually sit outside at our MT home too but this year because of all the winter moisture the mosquitoes are out in droves! I chuckled when I read your “customer” comment–I am usually very private about the customer until I’m finished with the quilt but since you are a fellow blogger I can reveal earlier I am guessing! 🙂


  2. One of the blessings with your place in Arizona is NO grass!! And fewer weeds and NO mosquitoes!! You are working way too hard. Glad you had a special dinner so you could relax. Love Brook’s cowboy hat:) And Millie is so precious with her headband flowers:) What a pretty fox.


    1. Isn’t that the truth Pam–I love our AZ no grass place and sometimes I think about planting a really small lawn–then I give it some thought and think–NOPE! Those grand babies have stolen my heart!


  3. I must admit, I don’t envy you all the work you do. Just sayin’. I am not looking forward to the mosquitoes when we get to Canyon Ferry. They just love my blood. Those two cuties are just too much. Love those pictures.


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