And More Digging

Monday was unusually warm but Tuesday and Wednesday were cloudy and cool–we will take cloudy and cool over warm any day! 🙂  The clouds/sun make for great photo taking!

In between various chores on Tuesday I loaded a customer quilt.  In the afternoon Tammy came up to hem some curtains using one of my sewing machines and we had a great chat.

Today the Cowboy needed to give his sore shoulder a break and decided to clean irrigation ditches with the mini-excavator.  He was gone a long time so I’m thinking lots of ditch was cleaned.

As I type this we are having a thunderstorm and it’s raining.  When coming back from over on the West Boulder the sky was an eerie color making the river strangely colored too–and geez is the Boulder River high!  It’s an old wives tale around here–when the wild roses bloom, high water is over.  With all the snow still in the mountains we aren’t sure that tale will hold true this year!

Eerie color to the whole landscape.

Perfectly round mushroom in our hay field.

We have a catbird trying to mate with himself in one of our bedroom windows–he best be finding a new mate if he knows what’s good for him!  The birds are eating us out of house and home–I’m filling two feeders twice a day–we have the lazuli buntings, gold finches, rosy red finches, and a black headed grosbeak. We also have a magpie couple nesting in a messy nest located in the spruce tree right outside our dining room windows.  We will see how this progresses–magpie can be very noisy and very messy–they are huge birds!

4 thoughts on “And More Digging

  1. Those photos are great and I really like to look at them. I agree with you, cool is better than hot. Living where I am, now comes the worry of wildfires! We are surrounded by tall fir and cedar. Keeping my fingers crossed. No problem with flooding though that’s one good thing.


  2. Yes to cooler! The Cowboy’s idea of a break is a bit different from mine – but with more rain I’m sure getting the ditches cleared was a priority. Those weird weather days were called “earthquake weather” in SoCal although I never remember having one when the skies got weird 🙂


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