More Digging

Picasa had a bee in its bonnet tonight but I persevered and finally found the photos I thought Picasa had eaten.  I know I should learn new photo editing software as Picasa is just hanging out there now with no support.  Picasa is so easy and I’m an old dog and don’t want to learn new tricks!

Sunday morning saw the Cowboy heading over the hill to Lonn’s–seems they had a water line leak.  The Cowboy was home by noon and spent the rest of the day puttering.

I’ve been quilting–imagine that!  I’ve worked on three small projects for three small people and am now starting to place a customer quilt on the longarm.  In town today I retrieved two quilt tops from Jeane for longarm quilting.

Probably some sort of noxious weed but it was pretty.

Do you wear a watch?  I’ve never known the Cowboy to wear a watch but I’ve always worn one.  My parents gave me a beautiful watch when I graduated high school and while it no longer runs, I still have it.  I’m lost when the battery dies in my watch which is what happened yesterday–today Ace Hardware fixed that problem and I had the batteries changed in a couple other watches for backup!

Nat and Barb came for lunch today and we had a very enjoyable visit.

Chokecherry blossoms.

It was a warm one today but our temps go back into the seventies tomorrow. The Cowboy was a mechanic changing the oil in the mini-excavator and my car plus he washed the car–good husband!

Just look at these two precious babies–Millie is eight months old and just the happiest child.  Brooks is two years old and not the happiest child all the time but then as I said, he’s two years old–he’s still adorable!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, grass, child, outdoor and nature

Life is good.

6 thoughts on “More Digging

  1. I laughed at the “noxious weed” – sometimes they’re the prettiest thing in the meadow :-))) I stopped wearing a watch when Bill retired. I actually wore my beautiful pink stone watch to the wedding on Saturday just because it matched my outfit better than anything else I have! Millie’s hair – she’s adorable :-))))


  2. I wear & LOVE watches. They’re so pretty these days. As it happens, today I’m wearing my Dad’s Bulova. It’s old, needs a cleaning, & doesn’t work, but… was my Dad’s! I plan on taking it to a watch maker to see what can be done to get it working again.
    Chokecherries – my favorite!!


  3. I stopped wearing a watch back when I was teaching. There were clocks all over the school so I figured when my watch died, that was a sign and have never returned to watch wearing. We so rarely need to know the time anymore. Those are pretty weeds. They remind me of Indian Paintbrush in white. Millie and Brook are adorable and always seem so happy…in the photos you share:)


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