Install Day

My family in Arkansas is eating fresh produce–squash, probably cucumbers and here we sit Saturday morning with a heavy, heavy frost and 35 degrees on June 2!  And that folks, is why I don’t garden and why I don’t place annuals outside at night until well into June. Did any of our readers see photos from the hailstorm Roundup, Montana experienced on Thursday.  That’s not snow in this video, it’s hail!

“I’ve lived here my whole life and have never seen a storm like this,” said Justin Russell, Musselshell County’s department of emergency services coordinator. “We had baseball-size, sustained hail for about 20, 30 minutes. Took out most north-facing windows, west-facing windows. And any vehicles that weren’t under cover had severe damage.” from a KTVQ news story.

WOW–I’ve never seen baseball sized hail–can you imagine the damage caused by 20 minutes of that size hail??

While we had rain at our elevation, the mountains all have a dusting of new snow.

Today was install day for the monster head gate and once it was in place in the irrigation ditch it didn’t look as monstrous as it did while residing in our garage!  Logistics were a little tough–the Cowboy had to make three trips to the install location–one with the head gate, one with the skidsteer and one with the mini-excavator.  He made quick work of installing the head gate and was home in time for lunch.

The Cowboy, Dave and Jake the pooch.

In place and water flowing–Jake was glad, he was thirsty.

The planks you see on the lower outlet slide down into channels and keep water from going that direction.  There are also channels for those planks on the other outlet.

White water on the East Boulder.

Tonight we enjoyed happy hour with Tammy and Joe.  They purchased our ranch and former home back in 2005 and this past year remodeled the house–it’s stunning!  And they have the best views–I took the camera but the battery decided not to cooperate!  Always good to see them!

It’s been a beautiful day in Montana.


10 thoughts on “Install Day

  1. That watergate is really interesting. And it looks like the cattle are especially pleased with it. Nice photos!


  2. Wow! It is hard to believe that is all hail. I’ve never seen plowable inches like that. But your mountain is beautiful with the dusting of snow. Good to have a great craftsman around as a neighbor.


  3. Wow! That was all hail?!?! I vow to stop complaining – at least for today 😉 – about the October-like weather we’re having here in CT.


  4. Love your ranch life stories. I only thought baseball sized hail happened in Texas and Oklahoma! Whew. Sounds downright scary. Those blue skies and snow tipped mountains and all the green surely does look gorgeous. Such a lovely life you have chosen, Janna.


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