Routine Days

The days may be routine but we are enjoying those days immensely.  For the last couple days we’ve had sunshine, tonight we may experience thunderstorms with lots of rain.  This time of year it’s a chore to stay ahead of the grass mowing and weed spraying.  One of the yoga ladies said, “the grass grows two inches right behind the lawn mower” and I think she is correct!

Looking up the East Boulder–the yellow hillside is balsam root flowers.

Wednesday I sprayed weeds, mowed and weed whacked–wore myself to a frazzle!  But today, I’ve done very little so it all evens out.  Yoga was in town at the home of our instructor, Julia.  The Cowboy needed stuff in town so he played chauffeur to Tammy and me.  After yoga the three of us had lunch at the Thirsty Turtle before heading back up the Boulder.  This photo is of the Yellowstone River has it roars past Big Timber.

This afternoon I tackled a pile of mending type chores–I altered two pair of pants which were too big, altered Emmi’s new harness which was a touch too big and modified the sleeves on a top.  The sleeves had elastic and it was way too tight on my arm.

The Cowboy has finished building the head gate and it’s loaded on the trailer ready for delivery and installation on Saturday.  I was chastised by Dan for not posting photos 🙂  I will go take photos of the installation process too.

Our rhubarb is growing like weeds–I picked 5 pounds yesterday, posted it on the local Facebook page and gave it away to the lady who with her husband owns the busy convenience store/gun shop/gift shop in town.  When I walked into the store this morning Jeff met me and said, “Laura said pick out a bottle of wine in exchange for the rhubarb.” That was nice!!


8 thoughts on “Routine Days

  1. I hope you are happy! You made me feel guilty for not getting anything done in the way of housework. So I cleaned the whole house. It is so much easier to clean the MH:)
    You could use some of that rhubarb to make the Rhubarb Coffee Cake from The Recipe Box! I am hoping to find some so I can try this recipe.


    1. You make me laugh Pam–glad your house is clean! and yes it is easier to clean those motorhomes! I will have to check out the rhubarb coffee cake–I have a rhubarb crisp recipe which my family loves but rhubarb requires so dang much sugar to make it palatable!


    1. I have cringed every time the Cowboy has moved that monster–it’s huge and HEAVY! The rivers are all actually down a couple feet from where they were a week ago.


  2. My Mom’s Rhubarb pie with strawberries…..Mmmmmm….
    Again thanks for a memory reminder….I wish I had paid closer attention to the flaky crust she made……
    Guys can cook……


  3. If that water gate doesn’t work out it looks like Mike might have himself a mighty fine start on building a whole new RV for you guys, He’s already got it on a flat bed trailer and can just go from there:))


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