Sunday morning with the truck camper loaded we headed to Billings and the home of the Cowboy’s daughter Shannen and her family.  Our youngest granddaughter, Kristen (or as most people call her, Krissy) was graduating from high school at 6pm Sunday evening–with honors and as a member of the National Honor Society.

There was a gathering of friends and family with food galore before graduation and after graduation Mark (Kristen’s dad) grilled the best burgers and we had more food.  It was fun and we were glad we went in spite of the crummy weather.

 The white jeans Kristen is wearing made her easy to spot–she also wore some gorgeous cowboy boots.  In the below photo Kristen is just to the right of center, blonde, with her head tilted.  Notice the young lady in the rear with the flowers around her cap?  When I was graduating from high school, the teacher who guided the seniors was Ms. Calloway–she was also our English teacher and my father’s English teacher.  A very proper lady was Ms. Calloway and there is absolutely no way our caps were going to be decorated in any form, period–nor did any of the “girls” wear jeans/pants–it was dresses only.  Notice the varied footwear?? 🙂

Image may contain: textThis is Kristen’s cap decoration created for her by a dear friend.  The hat is just one example of Kristen’s cool personality.

As you can see Kristen didn’t attend a small high school–397 graduates.

Shannen, Kristen and Mark.

Monday morning Kristen was participating in a huge barrel racing event at an arena in Laurel–Kristen and Shannen had horses loaded and were down the driveway before the Cowboy and I were out and about.  After saying our thank yous to Mark we stopped by the arena and said goodbye to Kristen and Shannen.

Back home it was easy work to unload the truck camper and have a nap–we think we might be a touch too old for those late nights like the one we had Sunday! 🙂

Today has been a gorgeous, sunny, blue sky day–finally!  The Cowboy has worked in the garage on his huge welding project.  I went to yoga and chores have filled the rest of my day.  We did receive good news from the dermatologist–two of the Cowboy’s biopsies need only a touch more freezing and the other biopsy needs just a little more scraping/slicing–so no MOHS procedures.  We are thrilled!

Shannen and Mark live up on a hill above Billings and the views were spectacular–


10 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congrats to Kristen! SHe is definitely someone to be proud of. Like you, we were not allowed to “decorate” our caps, but hers is cool. I thought I had a small graduating class of 700 till my son graduated with 850 in his class. Best wishes to all 🙂


  2. Love the fact that they can express their personality with decorating their caps. Like you, no way could we have done anything like that, and definitely no pants! Thank goodness times have changed. So happy to see the good results for The Cowboy-what a relief for you both. Take care.


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