Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

The reason we have a Memorial Day–58,000 soldiers died in Vietnam, almost 500,000 soldiers died in WWII, 117,000 soldiers died in WWI, and 34,000 soldiers died during the Korean War.  We have also lost 4,400 soldiers in the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan conflict.  These numbers are US soldiers lost.  Our military personnel give so much to this country and we are very thankful for their sacrifice and service.

It’s a rainy Memorial Day weekend in Montana–Friday and Saturday were beautiful but Saturday night the rains started and will continue through the rest of the weekend.  All those campers we saw coming up the Boulder are probably rather soggy this morning!

Friday morning we decided to do something different for our morning hike–we went to Natural Bridge Falls near our home–if you hike around to the back side of the falls you get the best views–and photos!  Only in times of high water does the Boulder “go over the top.”  The rest of the year all the river water flows through the hole in the limestone cliff making a “natural bridge.”

And this is what it looks like on a dry summer afternoon–

IMG_4471Natural Bridge falls is our local tourist attraction–we take everybody there!



The Cowboy has been working on a HUGE project–an irrigation ditch head gate for a neighbor.  The amount of steel in this structure is incredible and it fills our garage at the present moment–huge!

Our youngest granddaughter, Kristen, graduates from high school tonight in Billings–

Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Spring is definitely the time to visit any waterfall. Natural Bridge Falls is gorgeous!! Hopefully we will get to your area this September and we can see the falls. But I’d rather see it when all the parts are flowing. Beautiful photo of your granddaughter:)


  2. I loved Natural Bridge even without the top falls, but it’s spectacular with both. I wonder how the RV park along the river is fairing…..a favorite of ours! Congrats to Kristen on her graduation.


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