Branding Day

Lonn and Katie doing what they love best.

The sun was shining and it was time to brand–I don’t do branding any longer but I usually go over to help with the food and there’s those added attractions these days–Brooks and Millie!!

It only stopped raining Saturday afternoon–we’ve been sitting in a major cloud bank since Thursday–and as you can tell from the Cowboy’s attire–it’s been a little chilly!  Lonn had scheduled branding for Saturday afternoon but the weather didn’t cooperate–it did today.

As usual there were lots of cowboys on horses roping the calves and lots of people on the ground doing the rest.  Katie had made pulled pork and salads–all I had to do was shred the pork and play with the grand babies.  There’s something so sweet about a little guy holding your hand and walking you around the yard to show you all the pretty yellow flowers–dandelions.  Millie is such a happy baby, quite happy to entertain herself.

And no Mom, I don’t think I will have any more of that green stuff thank you very much!

Katie made her hat and it’s just a touch big–we had been outside and even though the sun was shining it was windy and cool.

After all the calves were branded everyone gathered at the house for supper–lots of good food and great visiting.  Soon the Cowboy and I headed home, there was a little dog anxiously awaiting our arrival.

You know a lot of people scan blogs–they don’t read every sentence–even the Cowboy will say, “I didn’t see that in the blog.”  Not my sister, she must read our blog word for word–remember the recipe for chicken tenders I shared the other day and said the recipe came from Southern Living magazine???  Well, my sister informed me HER April issue of Southern Living had no such recipe–oops–it was Simple Living magazine.  I love her anyway!



10 thoughts on “Branding Day

  1. What cute kids! Loved the hat. That face!
    Pic of the clouds over the mountain and the Cowboy in the forefront…just a beautiful!
    Hope the weather held out long enough to complete the branding.


    1. Thanks! Millie is the happiest baby except at night when her parents aren’t feeding her fast enough. It did sprinkle on the branding folks for just a few minutes but was otherwise dry.


  2. Thanks for not sharing any branding photos!! The grandbabies are much cuter:) Great photo with Michael and the low clouds with the mountain peaking out. Love that John Deer shirt on Brooks.


    1. I participated in branding when we had cows and for a few years helping Lonn and LoraLee–but I’m done–I understand it’s a necessary evil but I don’t have to help or watch. So, I supervise the food! Brooks is adorable and so is Ms. Millie!


  3. I have great memories of branding day – except the smell 😦 Always way too much food. Love the pic of Michael below the fog. We’re happy to be under overcast skies today as well. Those grandbabies keep getting cuter. Love the hat!


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